Detailed Guide to Killing Greylorm Solo (Weapons Attachments & Battle Preparation)

Game: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Time: 2023-12-13
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The red Greylorm fight in MW3 Zombies is easily the most challenging solo encounter. Once you have obtained the four USB sticks, the crucial aspect to pay attention to is the storm's location on the map. Use the storm's position to determine where the boss fight will take place. Look for two ammo caches near the storm, as they indicate the general area. If you are attempting this solo, it is ideal to start a game where the storm is as close as possible to the ammo caches. This way, you will have more time to complete the boss fight.



As a solo player, it is essential to have a weapon with sufficient damage to defeat the worm within the time limit. Your weapon should be at tier three Pack-a-Punch and be of legendary rarity. Without enough damage, you will struggle to defeat the boss in time.


Weapons and equipment needed for the Greylorm battle

1. Tactical and Lethal Equipment Choices:   
  - For your tactical, use the experimental gas grenade. Although it has been nerfed, it still provides damage over time, which is valuable against the worm.   
  - Consider using either thermites or The Aether Blade as your lethal equipment. Both can be effective in gradually wearing down the worm's armor. The Aether Blade is particularly useful against fast-moving enemies.


The easiest and fastest way to get the Aether Blade is to click Classified Schematics to view the item. A professional team will log in to the game to form a team with you and directly throw the Aether Blade to you, The same operation is done for the Golden Armor Plate.



2. Golden Armor Plate and Equipment:   
  - If you have access to the schematic, equip the Golden Armor Plate. It automatically applies armor plates during the fight, saving you time for shooting instead of plating.   
  - Ensure you have a large backpack to carry essential items.   
  - Purchase a durable gas mask from the tier three buy station. This is crucial as the entire fight takes place in the storm.


3. Gas Mask Maintenance:   
  - Pay close attention to your gas mask's condition during the fight. Repair it at the available ammo caches to prevent damage in the storm.   
  - Utilize the two ammo caches in the boss fight to replenish your gas mask back to full capacity.


4. Self-Revives and Weapon Choice:   
  - Fill your backpack with as many self-revives as possible to increase your chances of survival.   
  - For your weapon, an assault rifle is recommended for its mobility and damage output. Consider using the SVA or the MCW.  
  - WSP Swarm is also a good choice if you like it. With two ammo crates conveniently located near the boss, players can unleash a barrage of firepower, ensuring a swift victory.


SVA Attachments   


MCW Attachments   


WSP SWARM Attachments   


MW2 M16 is the highest dmg. It’s full auto when pap. And keeps the damage profile of a burst. For specific information on M16 attachments, please refer to - MWZ Weapon Tips.


Defeat Greylorm and prepare for battle

1. Understanding the Worm's Health Scaling:   
  - The base health of the worm is determined by the number of players in the game. For solo play, the worm's health is at its lowest. With three players, the health is tripled, and with six players, it is multiplied by six.


2. Obtaining the USBs and Locating the Boss Fight:   
  - Collect all four USB sticks scattered around the map.   
  - Use the USBs to activate the refractors and reveal the location of the boss fight.   
  - As the storm approaches, equip your gas mask to prepare for the fight.

For detailed USB location information, please refer to - All USB Location Map Guide.


3. Preparing for the Boss Fight:   
  - Once all four refractors are activated, you have one minute until the boss fight begins.   
  - If a buy station is nearby, consider quickly purchasing additional self-revives. However, if it's too far, prioritize getting back in time for the boss fight.


If you own THE SCORCHER, you can have it take you into the air for redeployment, using a parachute to travel to a nearby purchase station quickly. It is also very simple to get THE SCORCHER quickly. Go to MW3 Boosting, find Wonder Weapon Unlock, click, and view the items you need. A professional team will log in to the game to team up with you and throw THE SCORCHER directly to you.


How to Kill Greylorm detailed combat guides

1. Boss Fight Mechanics and Attacks:   
  - Start the boss fight by firing at the shards on the worm's body.   
  - The shards will release four shadowy orbs after about 10 seconds.   
  - Destroy these orbs as quickly as possible to prevent the worm from regenerating health.   
  - Utilize a sentry gun to assist with dealing damage.   
  - Beware of the worm's laser attack, as it can instantly kill you.   
  - Keep an eye on your durable gas mask and refill it at the available ammo caches.   
  - Watch out for purple orbs, as they indicate incoming attacks.   
  - When the worm burrows underground, be prepared for its resurfacing and avoid being swallowed.

2. Dealing with Elite Zombies:   
  - Be prepared for a large number of Elite zombies during this phase of the boss fight.   
  - Stay alert and watch out for the purple orbs, as they indicate incoming attacks.   
  - Efficiently take out the orbs while avoiding getting hit by zombies.   
  - Balancing damage output and survival is crucial in this intense situation.


3. Managing Gas Mask and Sentry Gun:   
  - Keep an eye on your gas mask's durability and refill it at the available ammo caches when needed.   
  - Use the Sentry gun to help fend off zombies and create breathing room.   
  - Remember to prioritize taking out the purple orbs while managing your gas mask and dealing with the Elite zombies.


4. Eliminating Purple Orbs:   
  - Focus your fire on the shards of the boss to trigger the release of shadowy orbs.   
  - Quickly destroy these orbs to prevent the boss from regenerating health.   
  - Maintain a steady stream of damage while keeping an eye on your surroundings.   
  - Stay vigilant and constantly check behind you during the boss fight.   
  - Utilize energy mines or other explosives to destroy them efficiently.   
  - Aim assist does not apply to the orbs, so rely on your own precision and reflexes.   
  - Keep in mind that tracking the orbs can be challenging, especially in solo play.


5. Laser Attacks and Slam Attacks:   
  - Watch out for the boss's laser attacks and avoid getting hit by them.   
  - Be prepared to dodge slam attacks to minimize damage taken.

6. Refilling Ammo and Avoiding Swallow Attacks:   
  - Take advantage of any available opportunities to refill your ammo.   
  - Be cautious when the boss burrows underground, as it may attempt to swallow you.   
  - Stay mobile and avoid being caught off guard by the boss's attacks.


7. Dealing with Swallowing Attacks:   
  - When the boss attempts to swallow you, it's beneficial to let it happen.   
  - If the boss attempts to swallow you, fire into its mouth and quickly spam the jump button to escape.   
  - Avoid jumping during the swallowing animation to ensure you get swallowed.   
  - Be prepared to spam the jump button when the boss spits you out to avoid taking damage.


8. Surviving and Managing Time:   
  - Use gas grenades to deal additional damage to the boss whenever possible.   
  - Stay focused and maintain a balance between dealing damage and staying alive.   
  - Remember that time is of the essence, so be mindful of the remaining time during the fight.


Solo defeat Greylorm video tutorial


Other Tips:      
1. It's important not to press the jump button when thrown in the air to increase the chance of being swallowed. Enabling auto-redeploy for the parachute is crucial to avoid going down. While attempting this solo is challenging, it is possible.

2. If you wonder why he can't swallow you, it's because of your armor. He can't swallow you if you have armor on, and because you are using the golden armor, it keeps regenerating.

3. You can prepare some Brain Rot Ammo Mod, which will help you reduce some zombie attacks.

4. If you are doing it with 3 or more, just tell everyone to have or buy at least 3-5 sentry turrets. The more, the better, and place them when the worm spawns, not before. Have the healing ult and experimental gas. It should go down in 2 minutes.

5. Using the flamethrower part is highly effective in defeating the boss within seconds. It can be obtained through the battle pass. You can get it at U4GM Mall for only $9.99.