How to Take Your Shooting to the Next Level in NBA 2K22?

Game: NBA 2K22
Time: 2023-02-13
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Want to know how to take your shooting to the next level in NBA 2K22? Shooting consistently in NBA 2K22 is no easy task, yet one of the most valuable skills to win many games. Therefore, we brought a shooting guide, including the best tips, setups, and badges to help you knock down shots more consistently no matter your position.


How to Take Your Shooting to the Next Level in NBA 2K22?

Pro Stick or Button?

There are currently two methods to shoot the ball: the Pro Stick (right joystick) or a singular button. The main difference between the two shooting mechanics is how accurate each one is. The Pro Stick will offer more room for error than Button shooting, but it's also going to allow players to be more precise when it comes to getting those perfect perfects.

If you're a new player, we recommend trying out Button shooting for the first little while, as it'll offer you a larger margin of success than Pro Stick shooting, but veteran players of the 2K series should use the Pro Stick method instead.

Best Jumpshot Animations

Each NBA 2K22 jump shot has a different release point and timing, which is why you'll shoot better with certain stars than your own MyPLAYER.

The great news is that you can use the Jump Shot Creator to emulate the stars you shoot well with.

Let's take a look at some of the best shooting animations you can use in the game:

    Base: Ray Allen
        • Release 1: Rudy Gay
        • Release 2: Rudy Gay
        • Speed: 75%
        • Blend: 100% Rudy Gay
    Base: Jump Shot 38
        • Release 1: Larry Bird
        • Release 2: Rudy Gay
        • Speed: 75%
        • Blend: 50% Larry Bird, 50% Rudy Gay
    Base: Jump Shot 38
        • Release 1: LaMarcus Aldridge
        • Release 2: Carmelo Anthony
        • Speed: 75%
        • Blend: 40% LaMarcus Aldridge, 60% Carmelo Anthony

Best Shooting Badges


Shooting Badges


Badges are basically the perks your player has equipped while playing NBA 2K22, and the way you construct your MyPlayer build will dictate how many shooting badges you'll be able to use.

There's a wide array of choices in this department, and some are going to benefit from shooting in NBA 2K22 greatly, and we're going to run over some of the best ones down below:

    • Chef
    • Limitless Spotup
    • Catch and Shoot
    • Deadeye
    • Blinders
    • Corner Specialist

These will increase the shooting gauge in certain regards and allow you to have increased shooting metrics from certain parts of the court.

Shot Timing

After you've ironed out whether you'll be using the Pro Stick or the button, created your MyPLAYER jump shot, and gathered your Badges, all that's left is timing.

This is going to take a lot of practice, and a great place to start is MyCOURT. This is because MyCOURT is online, which means you're still getting practice for games in The City or The Neighborhood, where you'll have to account for lag in a way that isn't present in MyCAREER.

You can get a feel for the timing there without feeling bad for missing it. The idea is to stop the shot meter exactly at the black line. 

Each jump shot is different, but here are some ways to help with your timing.

    • Release the button when the ball is at eye level (mileage may vary depending on your shot animation).
    • Change the color of the shot meter to red for more clarity.
    • Create space with screens to gain a larger window.

Shot Meter

The Shot Meter has been introduced in NBA 2k22 to improve shot efficiency and accuracy in the game drastically. At the same time, this feature also makes the shooting experience way more realistic than past game iterations. This means that your skills and ability to time shots to perfection will determine the outcome of the matches you participate in.

The Shot Meter features a vertical radar-like window. This window will expand whenever you take high-quality shots with players that have good shooting statistics. Likewise, the window will shrink in size whenever you use a low stamina player or has poor shooting stats. Mastering this shot meter will take some practice, but it seems to be more than worth the effort from the looks of it.

As you can see, the game's most recent edition will now reward you for your skills and timings when it comes to shooting. This means that only the best will be able to master the game's new realistic features. So get ready to practice throwing buckets before you set the court on fire with your newly-mastered shooting skills!

Shooting Tips

1)Pick the Right Build. In 2K22, any build with a 65-plus 3-ball can shoot consistently. The higher, the better, of course, but having a higher attribute is not necessary. Badges are more important.

2). Don't force your shots. I appreciate that frustration and anger can easily get the better of you, and you can find yourself simply taking shots until you make one, but it doesn't work like that.

3). Familiarise yourself with your player's Hot Zones. These are areas on the court where your player is strong at shooting the ball. At the beginning of MyCareer, your player won't have any, but Hot Zones will be acquired as you consistently make shots in the game. After a sufficient number of Hot Zones are obtained, it is recommended that you save some upgrade points to apply to the Hot Zone Hunter badge. After that, your player will receive a shooting boost every time you attempt a shot in any of their Hot Zones.

4). Invest in the right badges that have some correlation. The Volume Shooter, Catch and Shoot, and Corner Specialist can tie in together and give you a boost on a single shot, together, stacked.

5). Set screens, get into space, and shoot shots with as much space between you and your opponent as possible.

6). Practice your Jumpshot. Go to the MyCourt, play MyCareer games, or do anything that will help you time your Jumpshot better. The more you practice, the better you'll get. After you practice enough, turn off the Jumpshot meter for an extra boost.

Using these methods, you should be able to level up your shooting abilities. Also, for more on the guides, tips, or buy mt 2k22, follow