NBA 2K22 2KTV Episode 13 Answers (Free VC)

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NBA 2K22 2KTV Episode 13 Answers (Free VC)


Every week on Friday at 4 PM, PT NBA 2K22 releases a new episode of 2KTV. Every episode throws a couple of questions towards the players. And if players manage to answer them, they get 100-200 VC in return. This week's episode is called Episode 13.

Here are all of the answers to the trivia questions in 2KTV Episode 13:

Rank Questions Answers Rewards
1 How many 2K22 events did you participate in last season? Choose any answer 2KTV Jersey
2 What 2K22 event features a search for hidden items? Treasure Island 200 VC
3 Which 2K22 event is not new to Season 3? League Nights 200 VC
4 Which NBA player has appeared in the most Game 7s? Ray Allen 200 VC
5 How many Game 7s has Ray Allen appeared in? 11 200 VC
6 What's your favorite part about new seasons in NBA 2K22? Choose any answer 100 VC
7 Which type of MyCareer season prize are you most looking forward to? Choose any answer 100 VC
8 Who holds the NBA single game record for most shots attempted? Wilt Chamberlain 200 VC
9 Who is the Level 40 reward card in Season 3 of MyTeam? Allen Iverson 200 VC
10 How long is each Clutch Time game in MyTeam? 5 Minutes 200 VC
11 Which Season 3 reward card would you most want for your MyTeam lineup? Choose any answer 100 VC
12 Which NBA player totaled the most career minutes as a guard? Jason Kidd 200 VC
13 What year did Lawrence Tanter begin his journey as the Lakers' PA announcer? 1981 200 VC
14 What year did James Worthy win the NBA Finals MVP Award? 1988 200 VC
15 Which NBA team drafted Kobe Bryant? Hornets 200 VC
16 How tall is Lawrence Tanter? 6-foot-7 200 VC
17 What is the name is that describes the vocal register of Lawrence Tanter's voice? Baritone 200 VC
18 Vote for your top assist of the month. Choose any answer 100 VC


Tip: Some questions you have to answer quickly, so try to use two screens (mobile or pc) to see the answers simultaneously you answer.

If you follow the list above, you will end the NBA 2KTV episode with a solid chunk of VC. This is fairly simple and easy to do, so you should finish this episode if you want to get some easy VC for your player.

We will update this guide as soon as more questions and answers are known. In addition to helping you get VC, we also sell NBA 2K22 MT, cheap, safe, and most orders will complete delivery in 5-10 minutes!

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