NBA 2K22: All Answers for 2KTV Episode 9

Game: NBA 2K22
Time: 2023-02-13
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Earlier, we covered how to get free NBA 2k22 MyTeam points, and now we bring you a lot of free VC.

Episode 9 of 2KTV Season 8 is out now,  and so is a new set of questions, returning to give players plenty of opportunities to win 3,700 VC and a free MyPlayer t-shirt free of charge. In this article, we look at the answer sheet and everything else you need to know about NBA 2KTV's episode 9.

NBA 2K22 2KTV Episode 9 Answers: 3,700 VC and T-Shirt Available for Free

To access NBA 2K TV, you first want to start up the game. Once on the game's main screen, you will see an option for a 2K TV. Select this option, then start the episode. This episode is roughly 15 minutes long, and in it, you are asked a total of 20 questions throughout. These questions reward you with 100-200 VC when answered correctly.

Here are all of the answers to the trivia questions in 2KTV Episode 9:


1Which of the following players never fouled out of an NBA game?2KTV All Day TeeWilt Chamberlain
2Who holds the record for most minutes played in an NBA season?200 VCWilt Chamberlain
3Who has played in the most NBA seasons in league history?200 VCVince Carter
4Which NBA team had two players finish in the Top 5 for total minutes played last season?200 VCKnicks
5How many minutes were played during the longest game in NBA history?200 VC78
6Who has played the most minutes in NBA history?200 VCKareem Abdul-Jabbar
7What year did Wilt Chamberlain average 48.5 minutes per game for the Warriors?200 VC1762
8Who has played the most minutes in NBA All-Star game history?200 VCLeBron James
9What is the record for most points scored in an NBA game?200 VC100
10Which NBA player had the highest minutes per game last season?200 VCJulius Randle
11How many players in NBA history have played at least 50,000 minutes in the NBA?200 VC7
12Who has played in the most games in NBA history?200 VCRobert Parish
13Who holds the record for most consecutive games played in NBA history?200 VCA.C. Green
14How many players in NBA history have played at least 10,000 minutes in the NBA Playoffs?200 VC1
15Who has played the most minutes in NBA Playoffs history?200 VCLeBron James
16Who played the most minutes for the Utah Jazz last season?200 VCDonovan Mitchell
17In John Stockton's 19 NBA seasons, how many times did he play in every regular-season game?200 VC17
18What year did the Jazz play their first season in Utah?200 VC1979
19Who has scored the most points in Jazz franchise history?200 VCKarl Malone
20#2KTVWOW100 VCChoose any answer


As always, gamers have to answer the questions correctly, and the reward will be added to your account, with no need to do anything extra to redeem it for use in any of the game's modes.

There are more episodes to be released that we will cover in the future. Be sure to check back frequently to check for them. You can also check out more of the previous episode guides from here, including Episode 8, Episode 6, Episode 5, and more.