NBA 2K22: How to Get Token Rewards and What are They Used for?

Game: NBA 2K22
Time: 2023-02-13
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Tokens are a valuable asset in NBA 2K22, with a whole market devoted to spending them to get top-tier players. Here's how to earn MyTeam Tokens and what they're for in NBA 2K22.


NBA 2K22: How to Get Token Rewards and What are They Used for?

How to Make Tokens Quickly in NBA 2K22 MyTeam?

You can acquire or earn NBA 2K22 Tokens pretty quickly and with no money spent. One of the easiest ways to earn Tokens is by playing the various MyTeam games. Also, there are several free aspects of MyTeam that can help you get NBA 2K22 Tokens regularly. As follows:

1). Triple Threat Online

Tokens are on many boards after games, and you can quickly rack up a ton of tokens from playing quick 3v3 games. Winning games is your best bet to maximizing your token earnings.

2). Domination

Domination, especially All-Time and Historic, earns you a lot of tokens. You make over 600 for playing 100 games, a value only matched by TTO games (TTO doesn't give you player, badge, and other rewards, though).

3). Challenges

Many Spotlight challenges and weekly challenges give you tokens for winning them, but the amount is so minuscule that we don't recommend this method for token-earning only.

4). Completing Card Sets

Completing Current NBA Team sets nets you ten tokens. This method is MT-expensive, so going about it requires the trade of MT for tokens. It's not worth it in most cases.

5). Play on the Ascension Board

Additionally, some levels will let you play on the Ascension Board. With this game, you get to turn over different cards for rewards. There you can get NBA2K22 MT, Tokens, and other prizes. Sometimes you'll turn over multiplier cards, which will increase your Tokens from the board even more.

6). Go into MyTeam

Each day when you go into MyTeam, you'll receive a daily reward. If you log in each day of an entire week, you typically earn a free spin on a prize wheel. This can get you a high-rated player card, packs, or possibly Tokens.

7). Locker Codes

Locker Codes pop up on the 2K MyTeam Twitter quite often during the lifespan of NBA 2K games. Sometimes, special codes are given out elsewhere, such as during influencers' live streams or NBA games on TV. Once you enter the code, you get to drop the ball in the pinball machine and earn prizes, including packs, player cards, and Tokens.

What is the use of tokens in NBA 2K22?

With Tokens, you can purchase MyTeam Rewards, including player cards of different levels.

Each level at the Token Rewards store requires a different amount of Tokens to purchase those cards, as follows:

    • Emerald Rewards: 3 Tokens
    • Sapphire Rewards: 6 Tokens
    • Ruby Rewards: 15 Tokens
    • Amethyst Rewards: 30 Tokens
    • Diamond Rewards: 60 Tokens
    • Pink Diamond Rewards: 150 Tokens
    • Galaxy Opal Rewards: TBA

Along with the player cards, there are also packs available in the Token Market. These include injury cards, badges, and other packs, including some of the MyTeam promotional series.

To visit the Token Market, scroll to "Pack Market" on MyTeam's main screen and then choose "Rewards."

That should be everything you need to know about how to earn MyTeam Tokens and what they're for in NBA 2K22. In the meantime, make sure to look at the news pages of, as we will bring you everything you need to know about every NBA 2K updates, news, MyTeam tips, and more.