TERA Sorcerer PvE Guide

Game: Tera
Time: 2023-02-13
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This guide is updated in June 2018 and is intended for both learning and experienced sorcerers. Sorcerer was the first class to receive a revamp and is currently still a very strong DPS class. U4gm provides complete TERA PVE guide, and reading it can help you better. Also, U4gm sells a variety of cheap TERA gold. Before, we have achieved great results and accumulated a large number of fans.



Ranged class benefits.

Ping friendly on most skills.

Great defensive skills to bypass some mechanics.

DPS is sufficient to clear all PvE dungeons.

Available for all gender and races.

No buggy toggles or stances to deal with.

No 3rd resource bar to rush to the next boss before it depletes. 

No forced chain attacks.



Mana starved so stock up on MP potions.

High ping suffers from Flaming Barrage's delayed lock-ons

Way too many casting time skills.

DPS fluctuates due to crit RNG whereas consistent classes has 100% crit chance on important skills.

If you want slightly faster cast animations, the reroll to Elin. 

Will not receive Awakening class changes yet.

Warp Barrier is an experimental i-frame to test against attacks if it works or not. 


Gear Rolls:



9.3% Enraged DMG or 7.2% Reduced Cooldown


6% DMG

6.9% Behind DMG

7.2% Reduced Cooldown

9.3% Enraged DMG



10% Meteor Strike DMG

6% DMG reduction

6.9% Frontal DMG reduction

10% Enraged DMG reduction

8% Max HP



9 Crit Factor

5 Power

2.25% Attack Speed



6% Movement Speed

4 Endurance

2% MP every 5 secs




There are uncertainties about what etchings are best suited for sorcerers. I will be explaining this based on my personal experience with each etching mix.


TL;DR: Run double energetics this patch. If your ping is good you can also try 1 pumped etching. Keen is no longer the best option.


Important: You can get FREE tier III etchings from 90 tier 3 iod tokens.



Keen used to be really good but with the addition of more and more crit accessories, it's no longer the optimal etching and is worse than energetic or pumped.



This is my personal favourite build for sorc. Double Energetic is a very different experience while playing this class. With 2 Energetic IV etchings, you gain 10% more attack speed, and 6% cooldown reduction at the expense whatever etchings you had on before.

You will immediately notice the increase in attack speed, and will have to alter your rotation to make sure you are using the priority skills as much as possible, while using fewer filler skills. This is currently the best endgame build for sorc.



These are an alternative to energetics if you don't like having that much speed. However I would absolutely not recommend double pumped.




You want to always run full crit. Run 2 crit rings, earrings and crit neck, with an 8 crit roll on your circlet. If you have them, you can run 2x resized rings from last patch for extra crit from the set bonus. However, sorcerer doesn't need to run a resized necklace like other classes because you have so much built in attack speed that the 4% extra isn't worth the loss of power.


The rolls should be 4 crit 4 power on each ring, 4 power on the necklace, and 4 endurance 4% HP on the earrings.



Crit version



Ideally, you will want a Marrow Brooch. However this is very difficult to get as it only drops one per phase 4 of Harrowhold. The next best thing is a Quatrefoil brooch. It only lasts 5 seconds shorter (15s total) than a marrow brooch, and has the same stats and active effect. They are both vastly superior to either of the other brooches, Quickcave and empowered. If a Quatrefoil Brooch is too expensive for you to obtain, then go with a Quickcarve Brooch on your sorcerer. It is better than empowered because the 12% attack speed and 50 crit are more useful than 40 power during your Mana Boost burns.




Weapon Crystal




Pounding / Forceful / Slaying 


Armor Crystal

4 Hardy

If you obtain a "Glistening Dyad" then replace one Hardy Niveot. Only use this for Frostmetal/Stormcry chest.




Keen Vyrsks

Use Keen Vyrsks all the time.


Dyad Lines:

Weapon dyads: Here, the two most useful in this order are Poisedly and Relentlessly. If you have 4 Poisedly Dyads in your weapon then it totals up to a bonus of 8.8% damage reduction vs enraged monsters, which is actually 0.3% stronger than having a 5th hardy dyad in your chest. This is very useful.

Relentlessly is not as good as 4x Poisedly, but adds 1359 HP per dyad that you have, totaling to 5436 extra HP, which is about the same as a Relentless Niveot. This is the only other beneficial secondary line, with the exception of resolutely for slaying.


Armor dyads: As I said before, you need a Dyad that has a Glisteningly bonus line. Preferably a Glisteningly Hardy. What this does, is give you 60 MP every second every time you get a back crit. The buff stacks up to 4 times, giving you 240 MP every second. Each back crit will refresh the stacks. Note, you do not have to have more than 1 Glisteningly crystal to easily get 4 stacks of this buff.


Skills & Glyphs:

Sorcerers has an array of skills, but I'm only going to cover the skills you'll be using most often for level 65 PvE content. 


Main Damage Skills (5)


Filler Damage Skills (5) 


Defensive Skills (6) 


Support Skills (3)


Glyph Builds:


Balanced Glyph Build


Balanced Glyph


Offensive Glyph Build


Offensive Glyph




For a rotation base playstyle, you'll be performing skills in a set order so you won't run into cooldown issues. This playstyle is setup to receive crit factor bonuses from two skills: Arcane Pulse and Nova. 


Rotation Tips


1. Use Hailstorm whenever it's off cooldown.

2. Use Frost Sphere if the next skill on your rotation is on cooldown. 

3. Painful Trap & Flame Pillar is your last resort skills to use if you already used Frost Sphere, but you still don't have any other skills to use next. You normally use these skills during Mana Boost since you gain additional attack speed where you may run into cooldown issues.

4. I don't have experience playing with high ping, but you would replace Flaming Barrage with Frost Sphere and try your best with what you can do on this rotation.


By doing this method, you'll be extending your crit bonuses on most of your skills before you use Arcane Pulse again. Interruptions can happen in the middle of a dungeon boss so it's nothing to be concerned about if you can't follow the rotation entirely or manage your crit bonuses that well. Keep practicing and you'll get the hang of it where you may discover new things that works better to you.