Maplestory 2 BeyondLink Tris Dungeons Clearance Guides

Game: MapleStory 2
Time: 2023-02-13
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BeyondLink Tris Dungeon is simple because the BOSS skills are simple but the blood volume is thick, so the team is relatively simple, and the chaos is relatively high, requiring high hits and sufficient output. BeyondLink TrisDungeon rewards the most important weapons and necklaces, namely the fake Orange Weapons, the real orange Weapons production book, the evil leopard's evil shadow necklace, among which the orange Weapons production book has a very low explosion rate.


Maplestory 2 BeyondLink Tris Dungeons Clearance Guides

BeyondLink Tris Dungeon, with Chaos Dungeon, also has a team of ten people Dungeon. Chaos Dungeon kills BOSS within 15 minutes, and the team Dungeon has no time limit. It is the Dungeon with the highest number of points in the current version.
Dungeon Time: Chaos: Every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, the rest of the day does not open Chaos Dungeon.
Team Dungeon: Open all day.
Dungeon times: Chaos: once a day, 4 times a week. You can increase the number of rewards per day by increasing the number of Dungeon rewards. The first increase requires 10 coupons, which is initialized at 0:00 every day.
Team Dungeon: On Friday, you can increase the number of rewards per day with the Dungeon rewards increase coupon. The first increase requires 5 coupons and the second 10 coupons. Initialized at 0:00 every Friday.
Number of Dungeon: 10 people

The BeyondLink Tris Clearance Guide is divided into three phases, each of which will open the way to the next phase.

Phase P1:
After entering Dungeon, after waiting for everyone to climb the crane, open the mechanism inside the red frame, the crane will drive to the two platforms of AB.
An elite Monster-spiritual soldier is painted on each of the two platforms. There are two types of combat methods at this stage. One is to output 5 people at the same time on both sides. Note that the output on both sides cannot be too far away, otherwise it will return blood. The second is that one person is resistant to Monster, and the other side is fired to open the elite Monster and then clear one.

In addition to the slashing skills, the two elite Monsters have a total of 2 big skills. One is the vortex inhaling skill, and the other is the skill of holding the person and lifting the ground. There is no real damage to the previous skill, and the latter skill has a higher damage. After the middle, the blood volume will be reduced to the blood skin.

When playing the elite Monster, BOSS sometimes comes to join in the fun. In addition to jumping off the platform to play two outputs, it also puts a floor damage skill, the damage is not high.

After the two elite Monster was killed, the BOSS jumped to the middle and flew up the stairs. The player could enter the P2 through the passage.

P2 stage:
In the second stage, you can play BOSS. In addition to reducing the amount of BOSS, BOSS will randomly recruit a lot of small Monsters. The small Monster will bring various DEBUFF to the player, resulting in harmful effects such as reduced damage, so you need to clear the small Monster first. Play BOSS again.
The small Monster will be refreshed on the platform at 1, 2, and 2, in the 3, 4, and 5 rooms, 6, 7 are underground and need to go down from the stairs on both sides. In addition to these places, there will be some shadow Monster around the middle of the BOSS, and it needs to be cleaned up in time.

In addition to cleaning up the small Monster, BOSS has 3 skills to pay attention to.
1, full-screen blood loss: BOSS standing in the middle, when the red light around, everyone standing next to the Priest to add blood
2, black energy ball: no substantial damage, will be a layer of DEBUFF, can be hidden with teleport.
3, blue mirror: BOSS will release three blue mirrors forward, the angle is BOSS front and 30 ° on both sides. The mirror will move slowly forward, and the player you encounter will significantly reduce the hit. When playing Chaos, you need to pay attention to avoid, so as not to affect the time.
When the BOSS blood volume reaches 1900W, it enters the next stage P3.

Stage P3:
P3 is the last stage, climbing from the ladder to three platforms. The BOSS will move back and forth across the three platforms, and the player can jump to another platform with the mount at the arrow. The best way to output is to remotely on both platforms in BC, melee on the A platform.

In this stage, the BOSS will have three more skills in addition to lowering the blue mirror of the hit.
1. The vortex catches people: BOSS will generate a gravitational vortex in place, and will randomly pick up 1-2 people after the end. The person who is caught can't output, and when the BOSS drops a certain amount of blood, it will drop the person who is caught.
2, laser: BOSS will take out 2-3 laser residual images in advance, warned the player that he is about to pull out the laser. Players within the laser will continue to lose blood.
3, sickle: BOSS forward a knife, the damage is very high, the crisp is easy to be seconds.

After the BOSS has less blood, it will jump to the A platform. Repeat the scalpel and mirror skills until death. After the death of BOSS, Dungeon successfully cleared the customs.

Summary: Because BeyondLink Tris Dungeon has a lot of damage reduction and life-reducing skills, chaos is easy enough time. BeyondLink Tris can be quickly finished by cleaning up the small Monster and avoiding the BOSS drop-down skills as quickly as possible.