Maplestory 2 RuneBlade Flame, Frost, Storm Which is the Best?

Game: MapleStory 2
Time: 2023-02-13
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Maplestory 2 will be updating PvP gear and reactivating PvP in early December. This new version of the update brings you a new warrior profession - RuneBlade, the biggest feature is that you can use various elements of magic to skill for yourself. Adding different attack methods and effects, coupled with super high power, has won a lot of praise for Maplestory 2 Players. How should we harness it and develop its strengths for such a new profession? This begins with the three elemental attributes of RuneBlade. Now U4GM shares with you Maplestory 2 RuneBlade Flame, Frost, Storm Which is the Best. U4GM as a professional Maplestory Service Website gives secure, speedy and Cheap Ms2 Mesos for you personally. With over 8 years of excellence, we've got served thousands of consumers. In case you are hesitating exactly where to buy Maplestory 2 Mesos, U4GM are going to be a very good selection.

Maplestory 2 RuneBlade Flame, Frost, Storm Which is the Best?

Flame Sigil - Stable output is efficiency
For Flame Sigil Build, which focuses on Flame Sigil, the passive level of the Potential of the month increases the maximum life of Flame SigilSkill Build 3.8% and the Damage of 5.2% Flame Sigil, which we can understand as based on increasing damage and viability. The career direction.
In the attacking skills, Flame Sigil Skill Build is more inclined to continuous, stable, multi-segment output, Triple Cut and Flurry have improved the number of skill attacks under the influence of Flame Sigil (especially Triple Cut is directly increased from 7 skill damages). Up to 14 times), although the single injury has slightly weakened, it still has at least 40% more overall output.
Elemental Potency, Impact, and Honing Runes, under the influence of Flame Sigil, will not only be attacked but also marked with a burning effect (or an area that releases a skill while leaving a sustainable damage). 
Not only that, the Rune Shield, which is influenced by Flame Sigil, also creates a magical magic shield around our body (which can cause continuous damage to nearby enemies).
Overall, the Flame SigilSkill Build under the influence of Flame Sigil is more in line with the Dungeons' smooth output requirements, and the sustainable skill damage can significantly increase the damage in the Dungeons, allowing the Flame Sigil Skill Build to have considerable output in the Dungeons. rate

Frost Sigil Skill Build - Survival and Control is King
Choosing Frost Sigil Skill Build's RuneBlade, the damage caused by the passive skills of the Potential of the month is only 3.8%, but the defense is also increased by 3.8%. Naturally, the Frost Sigil Skill Build is significantly more focused than the other two Skill Builds. Self-protection.
Under the influence of Frost Sigil Skill Build, the attack skills are mostly biased to control and protect. Here we focus on the two skills of Honing Runes and Triple Cut.
Honing Runes, as the remote skill of RuneBlade, adds a slowdown in addition to its own skill damage under the influence of Frost Sigil: Reduces the speed and jump of the attacked player by 15% in 3 seconds, allowing the RuneBlade to perform better. Chasing and running away.
Let's take a look at Triple Cut as a melee attack skill. The deceleration effect is more obvious: double deceleration is 30% and the duration is up to 6 seconds. The skill itself only consumes energy and does not need to be cooled. Naturally, the RuneBlade in PVP can be very good. The speed limit of the opponent, coupled with the flashing skills that RuneBlade itself comes with, becomes a very tricky PVP career.
In terms of survival, Rune Shield, which is affected by Frost SigilSkill Build, allows us to gain a shield that absorbs 10% of its maximum health. The perfect fit between control and survival has made the Frost SigilSkill Build's RuneBlade more suitable for PVP.

Storm Sigil Skill Build - damage bombing is the life
Finally, let's talk about Storm Sigil Skill Build. We can understand that the Storm Sigil Skill Build RuneBlade is more prone to explosives. The Potential of the month provides 8 in addition to the 5.2% Storm damage bonus. % of the speed of movement, whether in the Dungeons evasive skills or in PVP these properties are very useful.
In terms of attack skills, Flurry provides the paralyzed effect after the attack, but unfortunately, it can only be effective for ordinary monsters. Triple Cut adds an additional 24% of Storm damage on its own, and its damage is only between the two attributes of ice and fire.
Looking at the three energy-intensive and cool-down skills of Honing Runes, Impact, and Elemental Potency, we will find the core of Storm Sigil Skill Build explosion damage. The Hunting Runes under the influence of Storm not only has the skill ejection effect, but also the damage aspect will be significantly improved.
As the core skill of the explosion, Impact and Elemental Potency will cause a higher base damage at the beginning of release. After the skill release, it will also apply a high damage effect of the group. The two damages will bring a momentary high burst effect. This is why the Storm Sigi kill Build has a high instantaneous burst capability in the group PVP.
In addition, when we play Dungeons, as long as we output the correct method, the output of Storm Sigil Skill Build will not be lower than the aforementioned Flame Sigil Skill Build, which belongs to PVP, PVE, and the Skill Build branch.
The above is some of the experience of the three property branches of RuneBlade. From a large perspective, RuneBlade is a diversified and versatile profession. As long as we use its expertise reasonably, whether it is PVP or PVE as a popular career, RuneBlade will have a very bright performance. of!