Maplestory 2 Temple of Immortals Balrog Skill Dodge Method And Stage

Game: MapleStory 2
Time: 2023-02-13
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Maplestory 2 Players can engage in the new Hard Adventure dungeon called the Temple of Immortals. Be quick on your feet as you and your party will fight the massive Balrog as he smashes Maplers with boulders, bursts eardrums with a mighty roar, and swings his mighty chain blade at anything near him. After you defeat him you can enjoy the spoils by acquiring Epic Equipment, Maplestory 2 Mesos, which is needed in order to progress to the Chaos Raid Dungeon!

Maplestory 2 Temple of Immortals Balrog Skill Dodge Method And Stage

Entry condition
Requires Level 50, Equipment Points 6000
Weekly Admission Day Sunday Monday Wednesday Friday, Awards 1
Team configuration: Pastor*2 Knight*1 DPS*7, hit requirement: 94

Balrog's slashing skills will crush the hollow iron plate in the middle of the platform. Therefore, when entering the Dungeons, all members gather in the lower right corner, and Balrog is introduced into the lower right corner platform to ensure effective output!

Skill introduction

Swinging a knife: Balrog waves the weapon in his hand twice, causing a lot of damage to the player!
Dodge method: Avoid the front of Balrog.

Slashing: Balrog's arm is accumulating backward. After about 2 seconds, it smashes into the ground and causes tons of damage. The floor is crushed and forms a ring of fire with a radius of 1 meter, causing continuous burning of the player in the circle. BUFF.
Dodge method: You can avoid it at the foot of Balrog!

Three consecutive: a combination of slashing and slashing!
Dodge method: Avoid the front of Balrog and avoid it behind Balrog!

Crash: Balrog's body turns red, and the accumulative force rushes forward, hitting the players in the path and causing a lot of damage!
Dodge method: Avoid the front of the Balrog when it is accumulating!

Repel the falling rock: push the airflow out of the center of Balrog, the player is repelled, the floor appears red circle, and after 3 seconds, the stone falls, and the falling rock causes tons of damage to the player!
Dodge method: It is necessary to pay attention to the formation of the red circle under the foot to prevent it from being hit by the falling rock.

Blowing: 45° blowing in front of the front, causing a BUFF to the players in the range (the player is hit within 14 seconds, strength, agility, luck, intelligence, 50% reduction, 40% reduction in movement speed)
Dodge method: Balrog will have obvious head-up action before blowing, and a dialog box will appear at the top of the head to avoid the displacement in advance!

When the blood volume drops by 25%, it enters the mob's stage.

At the 1st and 2nd Place of P1, the mobs will be brushed out.
According to the number, the mobs need 3-4 DPS and one priest to clean up. There is a magma block in the middle of the 2nd point. The BUFF will be attached by the mobs, as follows:
Burns: Continue to receive fire damage, stack up to 7 times, increase the Damage when superimposed;
Hit reduction: 10% lower hit, up to 70%)
Therefore, mobs must be cleaned up in a timely and fast manner!
Balrog will hate at this stage, and the player will randomly appear blue sign at the foot of the player, the signatory needs to take Balrog away from points 1, 2, to avoid the interference of Balrog in the attack on the strangers. At the same time ensure the output of the rest of the teammates to Balrog.

When the BOSS blood volume drops by 40%, it enters the P2 stage.

We can very clearly see that there is a stone pillar placed on the top, bottom, bottom, and bottom, and the stone pillar plays a decisive role in the speed of the entire Dungeons!

In the early stage of P2, Balrog's skills were single, and it was cycled in [swinging knife], [three-linking], [swinging], [falling stone], and [drying].

After entering P2, Balrog will immediately release the ability to "repel the rockfall." After the skill is completed, Balrog will increase the attack power by 30% and the defense power by 65% ​​within 15 minutes.

Every time [Repulse Rockfall] releases several skills, and Balrog will collide with the front, so the Islanders should quickly stand on the middle line corresponding to the stone pillar after the release of the Balrog skills, tempting Balrog to be straight. Hit the post! If someone stands, then Balrog has a high probability of rushing in the other direction!

At this stage, the team members need to cooperate closely to ensure that Balrog can hit the stone column 100% to provide the maximum output. The BOSS will destroy the same position of the column, so the islanders can't choose the direction. Confused!!

When BOSS blood drops 60%, it enters the full-screen blood-sucking stage.
At this stage, Balrog will return to the middle of the field, release the full-screen blood-sucking skills, and cause random dizziness to the player. The dizziness lasts 3 seconds! At the same time, Tristan appears, and the Balrog releases the string lightly, interrupts the blood-sucking of Balrog, and then Balrog again Enter the skill cycle of the P1 stage to find the opportunity to publish the blood-sucking skills again!

During the bloodsucking phase, Balrog will provide himself with two gain BUFFs as follows:
Increase attack power & defense: Increase attack power and defense power by 5%, infinite stack!
Physical recovery: Continue to restore health.
When Balrog rereleases the blood-sucking skills, there will be a mob in the position of Tristan, and the Mob will interrupt Tristan's Skill, and the player will need to kill the Mobs at the same time, and Balrog will blow like Tristan. Skill, the player who is hit gets DEBUFF (power, agility, luck, intelligence, reduction of 99%, movement speed by 30% in 12 seconds), which can be blocked by Knight's [Bulwark] and [Defender of the Faith] skills. !

In the blood-sucking stage, the knight's proficiency for the Dungeons is specially tested, and the control of the hair-drying skills should be particularly precise to ensure the stable output of the whole team!

When the BOSS blood volume drops by 80%, it enters the full-screen rockfall state.
At this stage, Balrog enters the violent stage, providing itself with the defensive power to increase the BUFF, reducing its damage by 50%, and continuously releasing the falling stone skills to the ground. This stage will not cause continuous damage to the player, and you can hide the diminishing stone skills. Life!

When there are four spikes around Balrog, you need the Cavaliers to release invincible or climb to the top of the peak, otherwise, it will be dizzy for 3 seconds!

When the BOSS blood volume drops by 90%, it enters the P3 stage.
BOSS reserves the power to destroy the outer ring of the platform, repeating the cycle [swinging knife], [swinging], [drying] and other skills!