How to get MWZ all Classified Schematics more easily?

Game: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Time: 2023-12-19
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If you want to obtain all Classified Schematics, you must go deep into the Dark Aether and complete three specified contracts. This guide explains in detail how to easily complete the task, including the weapons and equipment required before the mission begins and during the process of completing the mission, Make it easier for you to complete the contract and obtain all Classified Schematics.


Preparation of weapons and items required for Escort Contract

1. Primary Weapon: 
- The recommended primary weapon for this solo run is the TYR Pistols, which is currently the meta loadout in Zombies. For specific weapon attachments build, please refer to TYR Build.

WSP Swarm is also a good choice. After the weapon is upgraded, each magazine has 200 rounds of ammunition. If you use Speed Cola at the same time, it can significantly shorten the time of changing magazines. It can also achieve good results when used in conjunction with VR-11.


2. Items to prepare: 
- Decoy grenades, Fermite grenades, and the Flawless Aetherium Crystal should be equipped as your equipment choices, and you will also need at least one Legendary Aether Tool.


U4GM Classified Schematics Contract Items to prepare


Having at least one Legendary Aether Tool to upgrade your TYR Pistols to Legendary Rarity is advisable. Alternatively, you can bring a crystal to achieve the same effect.


3. Secret Weapon: V-R11 
- The V-R11 is a secret weapon that can be obtained from a weapon case by defeating the Act 4 Worm or the Red Worm World Boss. 
- The V-R11 has a unique ability to heal the ACV escort to 100% health when pack-a-punched and shot at it. This weapon is crucial for the escort contract.

For how to kill the ACT 4 Worm or the Red Worm Boss, please refer to Act 4 Mission Kill Gorm and Detailed Guide to Killing Greylorm Solo, which details the preparations required before killing the Boss and the Boss's attack mechanism in battle.

If you don’t want to go through difficult challenges to get V-R11, you can click on the weapon link, and our professionals will team up with you in the game and throw the weapon directly to you.


4. Additional Items: 
- Elder Sigil: This item is necessary to progress through the escort contract. 
- Self-Revive Kits: It is recommended to have at least three self-revive kits in your inventory for emergencies. 
- LT53 Kazimir grenades: Fill the rest of your inventory with these grenades for crowd control. 
- Sentry Gun: Bring a sentry gun as your stress reliever for added defense. 
- Friendly Dog: You can also get a friendly dog from the third level and bring it inside. It will help you greatly in the battle to complete the contract.


5. Optional Items: 
- Golden Armor Plate, Aether Blade, and Dog Bone: These items are not necessary but can make your game easier if you choose to bring them.


The Escort Contract Tips

1. Escort Contract: 
- The escort contract can be challenging, but using the VR11 weapon makes it much easier. 
- After activating the contract, use the parachute to reach the starting point of the escort mission quickly.


2. Dealing with the Mega Abomination: 
- Before starting the escort, you will encounter a Mega Abomination. Utilize the friendly hellhound to attract zombies, including the Mega Abomination. 
- Stay alive and focus on damaging the Mega Abomination until it is defeated.

There are many different ways to kill Mega Abomination, Interested players can refer to Defeat the Mega Abomination guides.


3. Escorting the ACV: 
- After defeating the Mega Abomination, proceed to the ACV and start the escort. 
- Place a sentry gun on the back of the ACV to provide additional defense. The sentry gun will help eliminate zombies spawning behind you. 
- Be prepared to deal with disciples and other zombies during the escort.


U4GM Escort Contract Tips


4. Fair use of Kazimir Grenades and Black Hole Bombs: 
- As you advance around the corner, start using your Kazimir Grenades. 
- Use grenades strategically to clear out hordes of zombies. 
- Use black hole bombs strategically to attract and eliminate zombies. Place them at appropriate times to maximize their effectiveness.


5. Importance of the VR11 and Healing the ACV: 
- When you reach a specific stop, place the ACV in that location. 
- Use the VR11 to shoot underneath the ACV, which will heal it for a few seconds. 
- The VR11 is an incredibly useful wonder weapon for this escort contract. It can heal the ACV to full health, making the contract much easier to complete.


6. Utilizing the Sentry Gun and Friendly Dog: 
- The sentry gun will provide you with additional fire support and help you eliminate some zombies that you cannot take care of. 
- The friendly dog can attract and distract zombies, helping to keep them away from the ACV.


Special Note: 
A large number of zombies will appear near the end of the ACV escort contract. Again, be sure to prepare enough self-resurrection supplies in your backpack.


The Aether Extractor contract tips

1. Disable the Aether Extractors: 
- If you have multiple Kazimir grenades, it will make the task easier. 
- Ascend to the rooftop and ignore the first extractor due to the high number of zombies. If you don't have any more Kazmir grenades, it is recommended to save the first extractor for last. 
- Utilize energy mines if available to clear out zombies. 
- Be careful when going up the stairs as zombies may gather on them.


The Outlast contract tips

1. Locating the Outlast Contract: 
- Head towards the designated area for the last contract, and make your way towards the beach. 
- Slightly veer left and find the bus that contains the final bunny. Retrieve the bunny from the bus to initiate the contract. 
- Proceed to the Ascend rope and use it to reach the next area.


U4GM Outlast Contract Tips


2. Completing the Contract: 
- Once inside the designated area, there isn't much to do. You just need to run back and forth in the corridors on both sides, and the pet dog will attract and kill zombies, which will make the task easier. 
- When a zombie comes to you, you don't need to shoot, just run to the opposite corridor, and your dog will kill the remaining zombies. 
- Once the contract is completed, proceed to the highest point in the area. Climb up the ladder and prepare for extraction.