MWZ Schematics Guide and Fast Way to Farm

Game: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Time: 2024-01-16
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In MWZ, schematics play a crucial role in obtaining powerful Wonder Weapons, Perks, Pack-a-Punch Crystals, and Aether Tools. This guide will provide you with a comprehensive overview of how to acquire all the schematics and the most efficient methods to farm them. Additionally, we will share strategies for completing contracts in the tier three Red Zone, which is essential for obtaining certain schematics. Whether you're playing solo or in a co-op team, this guide will help you maximize your schematic collection.


Types of Schematics

There are two types of schematics in MWZ: mission reward schematics and contract completion schematics.



1. Mission Reward Schematics

By completing specific missions in the campaign, you are guaranteed to unlock certain mission reward schematics. Here are the schematics you can obtain from each act:
- Act 1: Uncommon Aether Tool and Quick Revive Perk
- Act 2: Rare Aether tool and Cryofreeze Ammo Mod
- Act 3: Death Perception Perk and WUNDERWAFFE DG-2 (can be spawned every 48 hours)


2. Contract Completion Schematics

Every time you complete a contract, there is a chance to earn a schematic. The schematic you receive depends on the tier of the contract completed. Here are the potential schematics for each tier:








Tier 3 (Red Zone): REFINED AETHERIUM CRYSTAL (Pack-a-Punches weapon to tier two), ELEMENTAL POP, TOMBSTONE SODA, EPIC AETHER TOOL (purple rarity), or RAY GUN Schematic (can be spawned every 48 hours)



Fast Way to Farm Schematics:

Now, let's discuss the most efficient methods to farm schematics in both solo and co-op gameplay.

Zone 1:
In this zone, the method remains the same for both solo and co-op play. Focus on completing the fastest contracts to maximize the number of schematics obtained per hour. Here are the recommended contracts to farm in tier one:
1. Eliminate the Bounty: Defeat the boss in the marked area.
2. Aether Extractions: Overload three ether extractors.
3. Sport Control: Open the marked toolbox and break all the eggs.

Zone 2:
In this zone, the method remains similar to Zone 1. However, having Pack-a-Punch weapons is recommended for faster completion. Here are the contracts to farm in tier two:
1. Eliminate the Bounty: Defeat the boss, including the HVT (High-Value Target) disciple.
2. Deliver Cargo: Drive the vehicle to the marked location.

Zone 3 (Red Zone):
This zone is more challenging, but with the right setup, it can be easily tackled. Here are the contracts to focus on in tier three:
1. Deliver Cargo: Drive the vehicle to the marked location. This contract doesn't require any kills, making it safe even without a good weapon. Please click here to view the specific operation method.

Deliver Cargo Best Routes
You won't take any damage by following the narrow path along the water, and it only takes 20-30 seconds to complete.

2. Eliminate the Bounty: Defeat the Boss, including the HVT (High-Value Target) Mega Abomination. Use a crossbow with thermal bolts for maximum damage. There are many ways to kill Mega Abomination, each with different advantages and disadvantages, click here to see which option is best for you.

Tips for Success:
- Always carry decoys to distract zombies and buy more from ammo crates if needed.
- Use kill streaks (Precision air strike, mortar strike, or Juggernaut) to run faster.
- Utilize high ground and zip lines for safer navigation.
- Prioritize regearing outside the tier three Zone at buy stations.
- Play with a team if possible for easier completion of contracts.

By following this guide, you can efficiently farm schematics in MWZ. Remember to complete the mission reward schematics by progressing through the campaign and focusing on the recommended contracts in each zone. With perseverance and the right strategies, you'll be able to craft powerful Wonder Weapons, unlock all the perks, and enhance your gameplay experience.