New Schematic Solo Detailed Guide in MWZ S2

Game: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Time: 2024-03-09
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In this guide, U4GM will walk you solo through the process of unlocking and completing the new tier five Elder Sigil for Rift, as well as obtaining all the new schematics in Season 2 Reloaded. This guide is designed to be solo-friendly and will be divided into two parts: unlocking the Rift solo and completing the Elder Sigil version of it solo.

Part 1: Unlocking the Rift Solo

To begin, you will need an AR or SMG at least at tier 2 Pack-A-Punch, RAM-9 is recommended, it's excellent in Elder Dark Ether battles. For specific mission maps, please refer to all obelisk location information and Follow these steps:

1. Enter the new dark EA Mission: Upon spawning, head towards the boat located on the map. The quickest way to reach it is to run backward upon spawn and make your way toward the sign. Climb up the ladder, then another ladder, and do a run jump to open your parachute and land on the boat.

2. Obtain the MMA Glove: On the boat, you will find a pedestal. Activate it to spawn an enemy. Kill zombies with melee within 30 seconds of instakill to complete the challenge and obtain the MMA Glove.

3. Regroup and Escort the ACV: Continue the mission until you reach the shopping mall.

4. Obtain the Perforated Target: In the shopping mall, find another pedestal. Activate it to spawn a circle. Kill zombies with headshots to complete the challenge and obtain the Perforated Target.

5. Obtain the Alternate Ammo Types: Head to the bottom left part of the map and find another pedestal. Activate it to spawn an effect. Look for the corresponding alternate ammo type and acquire it. Kill zombies with that ammo type to complete the challenge. Repeat this process for all alternate ammo types: Napon Burst, Cryo Freeze, Dead Wire, and Brain Rot.

6. Obtain the Drum: Complete the mission as normal until you defeat the boss. Inside the boss area, you will find the Drum. Pick it up.

7. Upgrade the Items: Upgrade the MMA Glove by going to the boxing gym and interacting with the unattended relic. Melee the punching bags in the boxing ring from left to right, then kill the zombie with glowing hands while in the boxing ring to upgrade the gloves. Upgrade the Perforated Target by going to Shaheen Mana and shooting all the targets to turn them red. Kill the zombie with headshots to upgrade the target. Upgrade the Drum by going to the graveyard and interacting with the mirror offers. Kill the zombie with the corresponding elemental effect to upgrade the mirror.

The specific coordinates of the item upgrade

8. Access the Rift: Place all four upgraded items (MMA Glove, Perforated Target, Drum, and Mirror) in the corresponding icons in the new dark EA Rift. Defeat the mimic that spawns to gain access to the Rift. (Rift specific location)

Part 2: Completing the Elder Sigil Solo

To complete the Elder Sigil, follow these steps:

1. Prepare your Loadout: For the Elder Sigil Rift, equip a crossbow with blast cap 20-in bolts, ensuring it's Pack-A-Punched to level three and legendary, along with the Golden Armor Plate and Aether Blade. It is also recommended to have the scorcher for easier traversal. Equip the necessary perks and the ether shroud field upgrade.

2. Obtain Elder Sigils: Complete contracts in the new or old dark EA Rift using a Sigil to obtain Elder Sigils. If you don't have an Elder Sigil, keep repeating this process until you acquire one.

The exact location of the three Bunnies

3. Start the Contracts: Begin the contracts in the Rift. The first contract, a bounty, can be found in a warehouse near your spawn location. Locate the disciple and eliminate them using the crossbow.

4. Extractor Contract: Head to the mall and climb up to the roof. Disable the ether extractor using Casimir's grenades and the crossbow.

5. Outlast Contract: Move to the designated building and survive the onslaught of zombies. Use the crossbow to eliminate them and stay on the table for better defense.

6. Claim the Rewards: After completing the contracts, collect the rewards from the reward Rift. You may receive classified schematics such as the Blood Burner Key Schematic, VR11 Schematic, and Mags of Holding Schematic.

7. Exfil: Head to the exfil point located in a specific section of the map and use it to successfully exfil.

By following this solo-friendly guide, you can unlock and complete the Elder Sigil in Rift, obtaining all the new schematics in Season 2 Reloaded. Remember to upgrade your items, acquire Elder Sigils, and complete the contracts efficiently to maximize your rewards.