How to Obtain New Schematics in MWZ S2

Game: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Time: 2024-03-07
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The MWZ latest update has introduced V-R11, Mags of Holding, and Blood Burner Key Schematics in S2, which can significantly boost your arsenal, but unlocking them requires a bit of know-how and strategy. The U4GM will walk you through the process, step by step, ensuring you can get your hands on these coveted items and maximize your zombie-slaying efficiency.


Step 1: Select Act 4 Mission

Access to the new schematics is gated behind the Act 4 Mission within the game's menu. Players who have not completed the first season missions can refer to MWZ Missions Boosting. If you're just starting, you'll need to unlock and complete the initial season 1 content. Once you're set with Act 4, select the second mission to begin your journey towards the new schematics.

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Preparation before starting 
Before diving into the quest, it's advisable to arm yourself with weapons equipped with those capable of easy headshots. These specifications are essential for completing certain tasks within the mission. However, you don't need to bring your most powerful weapons, as the initial area you'll teleport to is only World Tier 2.

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Step 2: The Quest and Its Objectives

The quest begins in earnest when you enter a new Rift on the north side of the Tier 3 Zone, transporting you to a previously unexplored area of the Dark Ether, Locate and Activate the Obelisks. Here's a breakdown of the key objectives:

As you progress, you will come across three obelisks that require specific tasks to be completed.

Go to the area between F3 and F4 and you will find a portal. Go through the portal and reach a new dark ether area. There is an abandoned ship near you. The first obelisk is on the ship.  Instakills will be provided intermittently, aiding in this task. interact with the obelisk, Melee zombies within the spawned circle, Upon completion, you'll receive an item from the Obelisk.

The second obelisk is located in the northern part of the map near the soccer field, To the northeast of the ship. this objective requires headshot kills within a circle. Completing this will grant you another item.

The third obelisk is in the bottom right corner of the map (grid square I8). Find it within the foggy area and activate it. Kill zombies using the specific alternate ammo type indicated by the ground around you. If you don't have the required ammo type, interact with a metal plate nearby to obtain it. Completing this task yields the third item.


Step 4: Complete the General Quest

With all three items from the Obelisks in hand, you'll continue to follow the game's prompts, which include escorting an ACV, finding Fletcher in an SPO-ridden area, escorting him out, and defeating a boss.

Follow the game's prompts to escort the ACV, find Fletcher in the infected area, and defeat the boss at the end. The boss will drop the final item needed for the quest. This item will be gold, unlike the previous purple items.


Step 5: Upgrade the Items

The next phase involves upgrading the three purple items to unlock the Dark Ether and proceed with schematic farming. Each item has a specific upgrade process involving unique tasks, such as meleeing punching bags in a boxing gym, killing zombies with different AATs in a graveyard, and shooting targets at a firing range.

- For the gloves, go to the boxing gym in the Zaran Suburbs. In the area between F7 and F8. Deposit the gloves in the center of the boxing ring and melee the glowing punching bags. Defeat the spawned zombie to upgrade the gloves.

- For the mirror, go to the graveyard on the right side of the map. between I3 and I4. Deposit the mirror in a specific patch of ground and kill the zombies with different alternate ammo types indicated by their glows.

- For the third item, Head to the shooting range below Shaheen Mana, near H8. Interact with the central target area to spawn additional targets. Shoot all the targets until they turn red, then kill the red zombie with precision damage.


Step 6: Activate the Storm and Enter the Dark Ether

Take the four upgraded items to the new storm in the northern part of the tier-three zone, near G4. Place each item on its corresponding pedestal. Defeat the boss that spawns and collect the sigil it drops. Use the sigil to enter the dark ether portal. However, entering this portal is just the beginning.


Step 7: Find the Bunnies in the Dark Ether

To actually farm the new schematics, you'll need to complete bunny objectives within the Dark Ether, which are similar to tasks from previous seasons. Inside the dark ether, locate three bunnies in different areas. Interact with each bunny to receive a quest. Completing these objectives in subsequent games, especially with an Elder Sigil activated, will finally reward you with the new schematics.


Step 8: Exit the Dark Ether and Repeat

Exit the dark ether and start a new game with an elder sigil. Activate the portal from the back, which turns it red. Repeat the bunny objectives to farm the new schematics. If you have repeated this many times and still do not get the schematic you want, please visit MWZ S2 Schematics Unlock.

By following this comprehensive guide, you can successfully unlock the new schematics in MWZ.