NBA 2K22 MyTEAM: Best Point Guards and How Much They Cost

Game: NBA 2K22
Time: 2023-02-13
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Point guards' responsibilities mainly involved orchestrating the team's offensive schemes while being an extension of the head coach on the court. When constructing your NBA 2K22 MyTEAM, what must be your first main selection is who can be your start line guard and who will see him again up. Given this, here are the best point guards in NBA 2K22 MyTeam and how much they cost:

Best Pink Diamond Point Guards

Here are the PG's we believe you should target if you're willing to buy Pink Diamonds:

1). Stephen Curry - Pink Diamond (95 OVR) - PG/SG

Pink Diamond Stephen Curry


Steph Curry has incredible shooting and Limitless Range, nearly unguardable outside.

An offensive monster that can shoot from anywhere with 6+ HOF and 10+ Gold Shooting badges. He only has Bronze Clamps and Quick First Step, but his shooting makes up for it.

2). John Wall - Glitch Pink Diamond (95 OVR) - PG/SG

Pink Diamond John Wall


The Glitch Shooting John Wall is incredible at finishing drives, and the shooting glitch allows him to be a threat outside as well.

A Glitch Wall card that can shoot, in addition to his usual dominant playmaking and finishing ability. He's also a decent defender, making him an awesome PG option.

3). Gilbert Arenas - Pink Diamond (95 OVR) - PG/SG

Pink Diamond Gilbert Arenas


The Pink Diamond Gilbert Arenas is a good mix of the above-mentioned cards while being a great NBA 2K22 defender on the perimeter and in the post.

Each of these cards will cost you around 100 2K22 MT and up, but what you get in return is worth it.

Best Diamond Point Guards

Check out our Diamond Point Guard options for your NBA 2K22 MyTEAM:

1). Trae Young - Diamond (94 OVR) - PG/SG

Diamond Trae Young


A glitched card that gives you Young's quick jumper, great playmaking and shooting badges, and now elite perimeter defense. Although small, Young is excellent on both ends of the court.

You can also level up the Limitless Range Badge in NBA 2K22 with Young to get more output from him.

2). Allen Iverson - Diamond (93 OVR) - PG/SG

Diamond Allen Iverson


Allen Iverson gives you some depth as a dribbler and passer, he can drive the lane as well, but you better call the Quick Isolation play, so he doesn't get bullied.

3). Stephen Curry - Diamond (92 OVR) - PG/SG

Diamond Stephen Curry


Yes, Curry will make our best point guard list twice, and it's because he definitely deserves it. He has immaculate shooting and is a strong passer. 

The great news, each of these players is under 50K MT.

Best Amethyst Point Guards

Here are a couple of players we feel you should target when going for Amethyst Point Guards:

1). Kyrie Irving - Amethyst (91 OVR) - PG/SG

Amethyst Kyrie Irving


Kyrie Irving is the clear first choice due to his shooting, passing, and dribbling ability.

2). Chris Paul - Amethyst (91 OVR) - PG/SG

Amethyst Chris Paul


Chris Paul is a good shooter, a great dribbler, and an incredible passer. He'll likely get bullied inside, so keep that in mind.

3). Damian Lillard - Amethyst (90 OVR) - PG/SG

Amethyst Damian Lillard


Out of all the Amethyst players we listed above, our favorite is the 90 OVR Damian Lillard. You'll sacrifice some passing ability and a little shooting, but he makes up for it in size. He'll drive the lane well and can still knock some shots down for your NBA 2K22 MyTEAM.

You can get incredible players at this grade for under 10K MT.

That's our list for the best point guards and how much they price. Check back here next week for new updates on the best small forwards cards.