How to Play Maplestory 2 better

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However, it can also be a frustration if you are stuck in a level for a long time and you do not know how to move up faster in the level. Indeed, this is one of the frustrations of people who play online. But of course, if you are resourceful and you do your homework, you can, however, learn a few tips and tricks that will help you level up faster in the game. You can find a great MapleStory 2 Guide that will help you on how to play the game better and enjoy it as well.

How to Play Maplestory 2 better

For a simple MapleStory 2 guide that you can use, here are some simple tips that allow you to master the game.

One of the keys in being able to conquer the enemies in every level is to fully equip yourself with the right weapon, powers, and skills as well as experience. You can get all these by playing the game right. If you want to gain more experience in the Maple Island, fight the Shrooms and the Orange Mushrooms. If you are in the Victoria Island, fight the Stumps and the Slimes.

Hitting your enemies also need accuracy so that you can conquer them fast. If you are a warrior, a thief or a bowman, raise your dexterity or DEX to get accuracy in hitting the enemies. If you are a magician, increase your intelligence (INT) and luck (LUK) for efficiency in hitting.

You also have to watch out for your Hit Points as this can also drain. If you already have low hit points, take time and find some safe spot where you can rest for a while and recover. Getting killed because of low hit points can also get a percentage off your experience, so take note of your hit points as well.

Learn new skills. A MapleStory 2 guide will help you explore the skills available in the game and the advantages of each. You will find some of the skills as very helpful in your quests and in overcoming the enemies. Of course, these skills can be very effective if you know when is the best time to use them. Keep in mind that as you move on a level in the game, you will also be given some skill points that you can use in your growing abilities and skills.

As you will receive only a few skills points when you move a level, it is important to know and master when to use them to develop your character. This wise decision will truly help you have a good game strategy and level up fast.

If you get stuck in one level, it is likewise imperative that you take in a few hints on how you can level up quick or get some MapleStory dominance guide to encourage you. Remember that getting Mesos can be very troublesome and somewhat difficult to level up and also, the levels can end up increasingly hard as you level up. Notwithstanding, you require not be disillusioned. Discover a few hints!

It resembles a joke that MapleStory 2 must be shut in 2018. However, they may mean the MapleStory root. The game was started in Korea in 2003, been exceedingly applauded by people in general and turned into the best easygoing web-based game in 2006 as indicated by IGN and Gamespot survey. Presently the 3D variant of the MapleStory dream island has been discharged for a long time around the world, and gamers from all levels in the public arena and age bunches started to live it up in the game when on holiday.

MapleStory 2 Level Up Guide

The improvement group in Korea deals with new substance or bug fixes to old substance all alone advancement framework that is free of the game servers. offer Cheap MapleStory 2 Mesos for gamers around the globe. They at that point send it to Nexon America for Quality Assurance to test on their test servers, which are likewise free of the game servers. I'm a major aficionado of MapleStory 2, I knew the El Nath Mts, Ludus Lake, Nihal Desert, and Rien and many intriguing maps for gamers to pound or play. I chose to begin to take a shot at Bellocan - I erased a group of low-level new kids on the block that I made while I was on mushrooms and naming characters after Sailor Sensi.

Now that it's perfect, I can get the opportunity to chip away at the typical donkeys and motivate them to Level 50 and later move them to Level 60 for Rank 3 aptitudes and as a result without bounds Maple Union framework that will supplant Character Cards. I'd get a kick out of the chance to give everybody a possibility. However, I didn't put the limitation that a MapleStory Gamer is constrained to one on the off chance that we don't have a one of a kind candidate for every single class. Concerning your inquiry, indeed, it would be ideal if you submit two applications, yet I will organize new faces. Before asking here, open your reality outline console easy route. Floating over most guide symbols will demonstrate to you a rundown of beasts or NPCs on those maps, aggro forceful NPCs may cause demise or accomplice misfortune in MS2.

Utilize your mouse sliders to zoom in or out the world guide with comfort, and you can zoom into sub-maps by left-tapping on them. Hello, I think about whether any other individual has issues with the consuming occasion, after the support I could utilize my character and level up yet right now I don't get involvement from any beast for more than I executed or searched for blunders. With no reservation,

You folks may have no idea to set the objective for your hardware movement or how to improve the situation your apparatus. At that point here are tips to enable you to make your prepares more grounded or enhance you prepares.

In case you're playing solo:

Advancement your Gollux hardware. Strong - > Rein - > Superior

Get the SS ring from the occasion that is at present occurring. It's one of the BIS(Best in the opening) rings.

Vengence ring has passed so I'd expect the following best rings would be either Reinforced Gollux ring or Blackgate rings.

For face embellishment, you can either get the Blackgate veil for the 3 set impacts or get the Sweetwater confront.

For the eye extra, I think Sweetwater glasses is BIS.

For gloves, I think getting the High-Quality Dimension gloves will be better since it gives more details and gives an assault. You can get this from Dimension Invasion PQ by slaughtering Blackheart in the reward organize. (Despot Gloves are 100% better. In any case, it takes A LOT of speculation to get)

For Shoes, once you feel somewhat more grounded you can endeavor to slaughter typical Magnus for a higher shot of it dropping Nova shoes for your class. Generally Easy mode Magnus has a low possibility of dropping it.

On the off chance that you got guildies that can enable your hardware to advance:

You can skip Gollux and go straight for a Reinforced set or perhaps Superior if your society is thoughtful and solid enough to encourage you.

You can get Tyrant cape from Hard Magnus which is the BIS cape until the point when you can transpose it into a Sweetwater cape(In commerce).

You can supplant your cap, best, and jeans with Chaos root void hardware if your guildies are solid enough to get a gathering together.

Concerning shoes and belt, it's going to require a significant stretch of time to get the BIS Tyrant Shoes and Tyrant Belt; it will expect you to do Hard Magnus for half a month.

End-game hardware you ought to presumably go for:

Cap, Top, Bottom, Weapon, Secondary:

Turmoil Root Abyss hardware (Use Fafnir Dagger and Fafnir Katara (From Chaos Root Abyss Cvel) except if you're sufficiently fortunate to get Sweetwater Dagger and Sweetwater Katara).


Unrivaled Gollux Ring, SS Ring, Either 2 Blackgate rings or 1 Blackgate ring and 1 Reinforced Gollux ring.

2 Superior Gollux pendants.

Unrivaled Gollux Earrings (This will give you the 4 Superior Gollux impacts)

Sweetwater Face or Blackgate Mask (Only utilize Blackgate Mask in case you're using 2 Blackgate rings).

Sweetwater Glasses.

Cape, Shoe Belt:

Despot Cape, Tyrant Shoes, Tyrant Belt (If you're sufficiently fortunate to get Sweetwater Cape, Sweetwater Shoes and Sweetwater Gloves, and your Tyrant Cape and Tyrant Shoes are both 10 featured you can transpose the Tyrant cape into Sweetwater which will give you more range when you utilize Sweetwater set impact).


Phantom Exorcist Badge

Gold Maple Leaf Emblem

Antlion Guardian M

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