Maplestory 2 Berserker PVP Skill Build

Game: MapleStory 2
Time: 2023-02-13
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In Maplestory 2, Berserker is undoubtedly a popular class. After all, the high-breaking and easy-to-use Class feature is easier for beginners to master. Although Berserker can operate Easy in PVE, Berserker in Maplestory 2 PvP It is still difficult to deter the enemy. Berserker's melee class can be said to be favored by Maplestory 2 Players. Its easy-to-use features just meet the needs of novices, but it should be noted that even in PVE Berserker can make We fully enjoy the thrill of the output, but Berserker can't just operate it in PVP (otherwise it will die very badly), and what should be done to become the opponent's fear? This point of recommendation is to prepare for this.

Maplestory 2 Berserker PVP Skill Build

Raging Slash(Max)→Death Spin(3Level)→Ground Breaker(Max)→Dark Might(Max)
Void Slash(Max)
Bloodlust (Max) → Adrenaline Rush (3 Level)
Greatsword Mastery(4Level)→Intimidation(Max)
In order to have a battle in the competitive confrontation, then the skills that can be used not only have to be more than everything: not only have the ability to displace the attack technology, but also have the explosive technology of catching the opportunity, and naturally can provide support for their own recovery. Techniques and state techniques that let the enemy reduce attributes. This means that if you want to play PVP, then you can't be simple, and when you use any skill, there is order.

Skill analysis
Although Void Slash and Raging Slash belong to Slash Skill, they have different roles, and what is the difference between the two, let's list the Maplestory 2 Players:
1) The Void Slash 2 order bonus is significantly higher than the Raging Slash in terms of damage. Although the damage is high energy is consumed, it should not be overused.
2) Void Slash is characterized by a 1st-order chasing ability (which can be a fast, medium-range target), and will not be repelled when the 2nd-order Slash (but cannot be attacked because it cannot move when attacked);
3) The third highlight of the 3rd-order Raging Slash is that it can move the attack, which can play a good pursuit effect when locking the escape target.
Therefore, the Raging Slash will be more frequent, and the Void Slash's 2nd-order state is limited because we can use the 1st-stage assault effect to pursue it.

Intimidation and Ground Breaker can be regarded as a serial technology. Although everyone knows that Ground Breaker's instant damage is considerable, its hit rate is not high in the competitive confrontation! How to make sensitive and maneuverable targets more likely to be hit by Ground Breaker? The answer is naturally to reduce the target's mobility! So Intimidation under Skill can reduce the movement speed and jumping power by 30% to meet the needs of Ground Breaker so that Berserker's Ground Breaker can hit the target more times, and Intimidation can Reducing the damage of the target character by 30% also plays a defensive effect to a certain extent.

The reason why the Bloodlust skill is full is not that of its damage, but because the skill can recover according to its own blood percentage, although the recovery effect will be halved in the PVP area, one thing to admit is that The amount of recovery is still considerable! So in the eyes of the individual, it is a recovery technique, naturally, when we release, we must take the right time to fight a hit.

As a state technology, its effectiveness is not high. Imagine where the opponent will wait for 10 seconds with Dark Might's Berserker.

Passive skill resolution
Adrenaline Rush is a very effective passive skill. After all, it is very common to lose blood in PVP. The energy increase under the natural Skill effect allows us to release the skill more frequently, so this technique is still needed. The Greatsword Mastery is purely for the Intimidation talent. For the lower attack power increase, I believe that as long as the smart Maplestory 2 Players know that using the Skill point is a wasteful act!

Commonly, they may be not worth the problems for factors which can be adequate in the long run. When they are helpful for players who could know nothing at all about the game. For probably the most element, they are finding out tools for newcomers to ease them into the game. For extra Maplestory 2 Berserker Skill Builds, you are able to take a look at Just a reminder: you can get 5% coupon code at no cost in the reps in case you Buy Maplestory 2 Mesos order from this short article.