Maplestory 2 Strongest Tank Knight PVP Depth Analysis

Game: MapleStory 2
Time: 2023-02-13
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The Strongest Tank in Maplestory 2 belongs to the Knight, and the Knight has the highest blood volume and defense. The Cavaliers not only protect their teammates in Dungeons, but they are also strong in PVP. The Knight have extraordinary distinctive abilities in PVP: raids and good repelling resistance. Therefore, the Cavaliers profession is more restrained to control the field occupation, such as archers. Also, Knight is a very interesting profession, not only in the Dungeons but also in the PVP. Next, let's get to the point. Let's take a look at Knight's situation in PVP.

Maplestory 2 Strongest Tank Knight PVP Depth Analysis

Knight's ability in PVP (out of 5 stars)
[Output level]: ★★★★
[Control ability level]: ★★★★ (Shield Charge, Divine Strike, Tornado Slash, etc.)
[Output environment]: ★★★ (Melee output)
[defense ability]: ★★★★★
[attack type]: melee attack, physical attack, divine attribute.

Knight's main skills in PVP
1.Tornado Slash: Casts a powerful Tornado Slash, dealing 36% damage to enemies within 3 meters and pulling the target closer to 1 meter.
Skill Review: Tornado Slash is characterized by jumping up and attacking, but not moving. But Typhoon Slash can make up for this shortcoming. It is necessary to jump output in PVP because there is a chance to reduce the damage the enemy has caused to himself.

2. Divine Strike: Gather the surrounding light onto the long sword, sending a strong shock wave to the front, causing 777% Holy damage to enemies in the range and knocking it back 2 meters. It will not be knocked back by enemy attacks during the triggering process.
Skill Review: Divine Strike is Knight's only remote output skill, with enough damage and can interrupt the enemy's output. The only downside is that you can't stun opponents like NPC Tristan.

3.Drill Thrust: Strike out the long sword, trigger a whirlwind around and move to the front 4.5 meters. During the move, all objects will pass through, causing 641% damage to enemies in the path.
Skill Review: Drill Thrust is an escape skill and an assault skill. This skill is instantaneously moving, giving Knight a lot of space. Drill Thrust and its displacement skill - Shield Charge has the same displacement, both 4.5 meters.

4. Typhoon Slash: The longsword rotates with the body, inflicting 226% damage to enemies within a radius of 2.25 meters, and each time it is attacked, it will be pulled nearly 1 meter. If you enter the arrow keys, you can move 4.5 meters and launch an attack.
Skill Review: Typhoon Slash can't jump and attack, but can attack while walking. Skill effects can complement Tonado Slash.

5. Shield Wall: Use a shield to pose a defensive posture. During the defensive posture, it will not be defeated by the enemy's attack, and all damage received will be reduced by 40%. Press and hold the button to maintain the defensive posture; a partial brute force attack may break the defensive posture. In PVP, the damage reduction is halved.
Skills Comments: Shield Wall skill points are not recommended to add too high, because half in PVP reduces the effect. The reason why the effect is halved is still practical: it can resist the repelling effect, that is, resist the enemy's control output skill.

6.Iron Shield: Use a shield to release a sacred breath to the surroundings in 10 seconds. The sacred atmosphere is centered on itself, creating an area of 3 meters in radius, increasing the physical resistance and magic resistance of teammates and their own at least 180.
Skill Review: Give yourself a little damage, it is a good injury reduction skill.

7.Knight Bulwark and Defender of the Faith: Generate protective membranes in 3 seconds, and make four teammates in themselves to protect them from enemy attacks. The protective film is generated only during the period in which the posture is maintained.
Skills Comments: These two skills in the PVP add a little enough. If you combine these two skills, you can be invincible twice in a PVP, but if you do other actions, you will be unstoppable.

8.Iron Defense: Energy recovery speeds up, every 0.3 seconds, energy recovers 4 points, damage from enemies is reduced by 10%, but physical and magic attacks are reduced by 25%.
Skills Comments: Knight comes with skills, you don't need to add points to have this skill. Cancel the state of this skill when exporting, use this skill when you are away from the enemy, and use this skill flexibly to increase the winning rate.

Summary: Tornado Slash and Typhoon Slash can pull the enemy closer, and there is a chance that the enemy will attack the enemy. Divine Strike can knock off opponents and also have the effect of interrupting enemy attacks. These three skills belong to Knight's control and output skills.

Drop skills PVP
1.Cross Cut: The output is low, and the damage range is small.
2.Stinging Flurry: Because it is a pile output, it is not possible to change the position flexible, so it is not suitable for use in PVP.
3.Warhorn and Shield Toss: PVE magic, the role of PVP is minimal.

Knight PVP Add points.
Can be added to skills and proficiency. The skills are Longsword Mastery, Drill Thrust, Shield Wall, Iron Shield, and Shield Mastery. 

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The property selection of Knight PVP
First of all, the primary attribute in PVP is the attack speed, which is right for you to attack the other party first. Melee output requires more attack speed, to shorten the attack time and thus increase the survival rate. Second, the anti-wear attribute is the second choice, and defensive penetration can increase damage.

Knight's skills Use Guide in PVP
1. When the enemy is close, you can jump up and use Tornado Slash and use Typhoon Slash when you land.
2. If the enemy is close to you, you can use the Divine Strike output.
3. When actively approaching the enemy output, remember to use the Iron Shield to reduce injuries.
4. When you are on a dead battle, remember to look at the environment and use strong skills.
5. If your opponent can't avoid using tracking and control skills, you can use Shield Wall.
6. Knight's highest output skill is Typhoon Slash, don't just use Tornado Slash. Flexible use of Tornado Slash and Typhoon Slash helps control opponents and increase damage.

You can use an oblique displacement as soon as you enter the field, and then use Divine Strike against your opponent. When you want to attack your opponent, you can use Drill Thrust first and then Typhoon Slash. If Drill Thrust is on CD, you can use Knight's skills - Shield Charge. Faced with different opponents, there are various means. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Only in the constant challenge of PVP can you sharpen the profession of Knight.