Maplestory 2 Dungeon Labyrinthine Halls Guide

Game: MapleStory 2
Time: 2023-02-13
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Labyrinthine Halls enters into four layers in a labyrinth. Before entering, the team is assigned well outside the Dungeon. The 10-person team is divided into two groups. The first three layers of the Dungeon are mainly Kill Monsters, and the two teams are divided into two groups. The road to Kill Monsters, the fourth layer of challenge Dungeon BOSS Kabo, BOSS blood volume 2.7E, in order to reduce the death suggestion, according to the team configuration mentioned in the small series to challenge the team, then introduce you to the BOSS Kabo skills and some play Precautions.

Maplestory 2 Dungeon Labyrinthine Halls Guide

Level floor:
The first team is divided into two groups, each of which is a group of five, each team with a Priest to follow. Small Monsters damage is high, and the bloody BUFF standing on the ground is highly toxic and will cause your life to cut over time (really painful) continually.

Second floor:
The second two teams will continue to follow the previous division of labor to Kill Monsters. The players on the left side of Kill Monsters need to pick up the jar and turn to the right of the "Glacas Reconnaissance Captain" to deal damage.

The third floor:
After the third floor enters, the team of ten people collectively cleans up the Small Monsters in the middle of the road, and the middle road is also polluted. Every second is hurt. It needs Priest to follow. After cleaning, the soldiers continue to clean up.

The fourth layer:
The first three layers of Monster clean up, we entered the fourth layer of 'Labyrinthine Halls' to challenge the Dungeon BOSS Kabo blood volume of 270 million, in order to reduce the death suggestion, according to the team configuration mentioned above to form a team challenge, then introduce to you BOSS Kabo Skills and some precautions for play.

Basic skills of BOSS: slashing
The slashing skill will cause damage to the enemy in the front range and will cause a bleeding effect to the player. The display here is superimposed up to 3 times, but there are actually 5 layers or more, 1 layer can still be accepted, and 2 layers have to drink the recovery syrup (one time back to 600) Blood white syrup is more suitable. 3 layers must have Priest to recover, 4 layers cannot be separated from Priest, 5 layers detached from Priest must die. (The other extra damage caused by BOSS is not counted here)
Therefore, in the face of BOSS attack, it is best to output it behind it. BOSS will not cause damage to the enemies behind it. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that when the blood volume of BOSS is reduced, it may be slashed more than 2 times, so remember to back it up. BOSS performs output even if you are melee.

Skill: Wind
The hand lifts the gathering energy, and at this time BOSS's hand will glow red.
Then release the skill, this time will cause the player to repel the effect, the damage is basically negligible.
In the end, the wind will be released in the range of your own body. If you encounter a wind, it will reduce the movement speed by 45%, which is not conducive to the player to avoid other skills damage of BOSS.

Skill: Flea
Gathering energy on the sword, the BOSS sword will turn red, and the BOSS will grow up.
After gathering enough energy, BOSS will rise and jump, and the shadow of BOSS will appear on the ground. At this time, you need to pay attention to the position of the shadow.
Then the BOSS will slam down. If the player is hit, there is a high probability that it will be directly killed. At the same time, the player will also cause 2 layers of bleeding effect on the player.
The response to this skill is to move away from the BOSS shadow range when the BOSS jumps up.

Skill: Flame
At this time, BOSS will say: You should beware of these flames. The pipes on the ground will glow red. At the same time, the flames will be dying on the flames. You can use the displacement skills to pass. Different occupational skills have different effects, such as Priest. The displacement skill can be prevented from being damaged by the flame, and the RuneBlader displacement skill will cause half of the liver damage, and with the burning effect, the body will continue to buckle the blood.
Because the flame that is ignited on the background is complete, you can walk by (as shown in Figure 2) or you can walk through the poisonous water below. The damage caused by poisonous water is not high, but it can also be used. Avoid the flea skills of BOSS.
At this time, you can stand in the green circle area and output. The output of the melee and the BOSS must be 1 or 2 Priest followers. Pay attention to the BOSS face. The flame divides the field into four areas. The back BOSS will be in this block. The area performs flea skills, and Knight is invincible to protect the rest of the profession.
Because the flame divides the area, as shown by the remote professional players, the distance can be output in other areas, and the distance is judged according to the distance of the remote skill. In the third part of the BOSS, I am located in the right area of the BOSS. The radius of the RuneBlader skill is 7.5 meters. So we can analyze the BOSS in this map area if the other remote occupations want to damage the BOSS in the middle left, the distance is more than 7 meters, and the green circle area of the remote occupation in Figure 3 is relatively safe. the distance.
At this stage, the BOSS will use skills such as flea, slash, disappear with the flame, flash puncture, flash laser,
The level of threat to melee occupations is from left to right, and the degree of threat to remote occupations is from right to left.

Skill: Flash laser
This is the easiest to evade skill of BOSS. When the player's armor is strengthened, this skill will not kill the player. It will have a stun effect when hit. The BOSS will set the power before the skill is launched. It will flash 2 or 3 times and then send out. Laser attack, the player needs to pay attention to the direction of the laser on the ground.

Skill: flash puncture
At this time, if the laser is flashed, the BOSS will flash the power in several directions, and then puncture the direction of one of the faces. For example, the flash laser is an easy-to-avoid skill. Be careful not to stand on the tornado to affect the moving speed.

Skills: Summon Small Monsters 1
At this time, the BOSS will summon Small Monsters after the flame is separated, except for the area where the BOSS itself is located. Due to the difficulty of updating the version, Small Monsters becomes very good, the red Monster is going to kill, and the blue Small Monsters magic is going to kill. RuneBlader doesn't have this setting, just see Small Monsters go up and kill.

Skills: Summon Small Monsters 2
This is called the Small Monsters stage, BOSS's blood volume is already very low, Small Monsters will stand on the column, melee occupation can be output below, remote occupation such as the Master fire tornado lost under the Small Monsters can cause damage. If you don't have a Priest, don't jump on the pillar and slash it with Small Monsters. It's still very painful.

Skills: Summon Small Monsters 3
At the stage called Small Monsters, the BOSS blood volume is already very low. The BOSS will summon the Small Monsters on the left and right sides in the middle, and the BOSS will move to the relative area near the left and right venues. Here the BOSS will take sometimes flea. Flash laser and other skills, although the left and right venues are relatively safe venues, sometimes BOSS skills will also damage these two areas, so remember to kill the Small Monsters will be returned.
This stage, called Small Monsters, is also the last stage. The next step is to summon the flames and call Small Monsters three until BOSS dies.

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