Maplestory 2 Rune Temple Dungeon Guides

Game: MapleStory 2
Time: 2023-02-13
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Rune Temple Dungeon is too difficult for the first time to play this Dungeon Maplestory 2 Player. Only familiar with the skills in Dungeon can complete the Rune Temple Dungeon. Then let's see how the Rune Temple is done. Here thanks our MapleStory 2 Team, If you want to buy Ms2 Mesos Click here.

Maplestory 2 Rune Temple Dungeon Guides

Dungeon Name: Rune Temple Dungeon
Dungeon Time: Chaos Dungeon: Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, the rest of the day does not open Chaos Dungeon.
Team Dungeon: Open all day.
Dungeon times: Chaos Dungeon: once a day, four times a week. You can increase the number of rewards per day by increasing the number of Dungeon rewards. The first increase requires ten coupons, which is initialized at 0:00 every day.
Team Dungeon: On Friday, you can increase the number of rewards per day with the Dungeon rewards increase coupon. The first increase requires five coupons and the second 10 coupons. Initialized at 0:00 every Friday.
Number of Dungeon: 10 people
Introduction to Dungeon: The Rune Temple Dungeon has a large space, and it needs to clear many small Monsters and elite Monsters in the early stage. The skills of the second person are slightly more, the DEBUFF is more complicated, and the BOSS blood is higher in the late stage, and the difficulty coefficient is very high.
Staffing: 2 Priest, 1 Knight, two remote, 2 melees, the rest of the DPS physics system needs to be averaged.
Dungeon Time: Chaos Dungeon: Countdown to kill BOSS within 15 minutes

The Rune Temple Dungeon is divided into two parts. The first half is a relatively long and complicated way to clear the little Monster. After crossing the bridge, it enters the second half. Although there is only one BOSS, it is more difficult to play.
Throughout the Dungeon, there will be random DEBUFF at any time. There are four different DEBUFFs. When the players have these negative BUFFs, they need to leave the crowd; otherwise they will be surrounded by players. These DEBUFFs are fire, thunder, ice, and poison. In addition to blood loss, thunder and ice will cause the surrounding players to stun and freeze.

The first half is divided into four small segments. Teammates need to cooperate with the captain to arrange, don't go around, or it is easy to appear Monster in a certain place, which will make it impossible to open the next map.

After entering Dungeon, there is a three-way road, and each road needs to be equally distributed. When assigning, you need to pay attention to the middle of the road must arrange a Knight and a Priest. Usually, the number of people on the three roads is 3-4-3.

When Monster clears the small Monster in three ways, you need to pay attention to clearing the laser totem first, then clearing the small Monster that puts the purple gas, and finally clearing the other small Monster.


The final stage of P1 is to play three elite lasers, Monster. The left and right are walking to hide the laser and output. The middle road needs Knight to open invincible. After the game is over, enter the P2 stage.

At this stage, the team needs to be divided into two teams, each with five players. It is worth noting that from here on, the left and right sides are no longer connected until the bridge before the BOSS. Therefore, the players must obey the arrangements and do not go away.
When assigning personnel, you need to put a Priest on the left and right, and the remote proximity also needs to be evenly distributed. The order to clear the small Monster is still laser - purple gas - the rest of the little Monster.

Clear the small Monster into the blue box and transfer it to the Rune Temple channel. Enter the P3 stage.

After entering the channel, the team was divided into two teams according to the previous route, each on one side. At this point there will be a winding road on each side, so the five-person squad on each side will be divided into the three-person road and two-person road:
Threesome road: Priest, 2DPS, go on the road
Two people road: 1 remote, one melee.

In this stage of the small Monster, a new rune recovery totem will be added. This kind of totem needs to be killed first. If it is not killed, the little Monster in this map will always return blood. The rest of the small Monster sequence is the laser totem - the small laser Monster - purple Monster - the rest of the little Monster. Cleared to the 2nd floor of Rune Temple.
When the player who dies in this map chooses to resurrect safely, he will resurrect to the other side of the map. For example, the Priest on the left dies, clicks on the resurrection, then his resurrection point is on the right side of the team. So if there are too many deaths on the left side of the team, there will be only 1-2 left on the left and 7-8 on the right, which will make the subsequent levels impossible. There are two solutions, one is to reduce death as much as possible, and the second is to opt out of the Dungeon after death.
After arriving at the 2nd floor of Rune Temple, a few elite Monsters will be brushed out and quickly cleared to the next map. Be careful when clearing Monster, first patrol the small Monster Borstal. After the sweep, enter the final stage P4.

After entering this stage, you need to wait for everyone to be in place before playing Monster; otherwise, you will not be able to enter the target position because of the bridge break.
At this stage, the players have to go to 6 different positions, namely pot1, pot5, pot6, pot7, pot11, pot12, corresponding to 6 high stations.

The staff is configured as pot11 2 people, pot12 2 people are Priest, Pot1 is one person (stronger), pot5 is two people, which requires at least one remote, and Pot6 2 is Priest, pot7.
The Pt11 Pot12 Pot will be refreshed by an elite Monster at 1 point. The Pot 5, 6, and seven positions each refresh two small Monsters, and the small Monster will have a weak BUFF. Below Pot3, after clearing the small Monster, you need to use the remote skills to help the above three clicks to kill the elite Monster. People on the Pot6 platform can throw a jar to stun the elite Monster. After the fight, the building opened up to the BOSS bridge. The first half of the section to clear the small Monster is over.

The second half:

After crossing the bridge in the air, you can start playing the last BOSS.

BOSS skills are classified into floor skills, DEBUFF skills, swings, and attractive skills.
1, DEBUFF skills 1:
The player mainly outputs in the position of Pot9. When there are four arrows under the player's foot (as indicated by the green circle), it is one of the 4 DEBUFFs in the boss. The player in DEBUFF needs to run to the Pot3 output. Note that if Ice DEBUFF, you need to go to the Pot6 direction output. After the end of DEBUFF disappears, the player returns to the pot9 direction output. (ABC will refresh the small Monster in the picture, it needs to be cleared in time)

2, Swinging Knife: There are two kinds of BOSS Slashing Knife, the previous slashing knife Priest can be added back. After the BOSS is finished, the black knife will be pulled out from the middle of the platform after the floor skill is released. The first empty blood strip, the second-second person. The answer is that everyone hides in two places in the red frame and can be harmless.

3, floor skills: There are a total of 3 kinds of floor skills: falling mine, falling ice, ground fire. The thunder and falling ice skills will first show the damage range on the floor, and the player can hide by just walking. After falling into the hail, people will leave a white circle on the ground, and the people who step on it will freeze.
After the BOSS inserts the sword into the ground, a cross-shaped red floor will appear to indicate the fire of the ground. The existing fire BUG, can not see the floor range prompts, so many players will be inexplicably burned to death. When the method is on fire, take two steps to ease the amount of blood loss. The small Monster will be refreshed when the ground fire appears.
When the floor skills are released, it is best for the players in the team to spread out to avoid too much concentration.

4, attractive skills: divided into two, one is a whirlwind in the middle of the map. This skill only needs to go in the opposite direction, and it is very easy to hide. Later whirlwind skills will be used in conjunction with any floor class skills, such as simultaneous thunder.
The second attraction skill is more complicated and is commonly known as arresting people. BOSS will release a black-and-purple tornado in the middle, unable to hide with displacement. After everyone is gathered in the middle, 8 of them will be picked up, and the remaining two people need to jump to the middle platform (red box) to output BOSS. After outputting a certain amount of blood, the BOSS will release the person. If there is not enough output in the specified time, then everyone in the BOSS will kill.