Maplestory 2 Dungeons Abandoned Mine B1 Clearance Guide

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Since the beginning of MapleStory 2's Head Start off, over 1,000,000 people have hopped in to affix the adventures in Maple Earth! We are so enthusiastic that we are placing with a week-long Double Dungeon Fall event, supplying you with two loot rolls everytime you total a dungeon, as well as providing the focused gamers which have attained the level cap a no-cost Model Crate and five hundred Crimson Merets only for logging during this weekend! Today U4GM editor Will share you how to Clearance Abandoned Mine B1 and got the Clearance reward. 

Maplestory 2 Dungeons Abandoned Mine B1 Clearance Guide

Abandoned Mine B1 Dungeons requires a low number of equipment points, and everyone can enter after level 50. For single Dungeons, the number of rewards per day is 30.

Possible Rewards:
Tier 1 Gemstone Box
Blue Crystal
Green Crystal
Lapis Master Snare
Fusion Stone Dust
Crystal Fragment

The essential entry into Dungeons is the Abandoned Mine B1 key.

You can get 5 broken keys (received by email) for the 50th and above characters of the first login game every day.

There are opportunities to get the following game behaviors: open the wild gold treasure chest, wooden treasure chest; when fishing is successful; play (every 15 seconds); when life game (harvest/collection/production) is successful.

Free identification and Maplestory 2 Mesos identification at the NPC archaeologist Natalie, the main city of Trail. The Abandoned Mine B1 key and the Abandoned Mine B4 key are available for identification.

After entering Dungeons, you first need to open the door with a 1-layer key.

Then follow the line below to find the switch and pull the handle

You can pass from the right side, get to the right side and take the car, you can go directly to the BOSS location.

Kill BOSS, you can pass customs

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