MapleStory 2 Heavy Gunner PVP skill add point and method

Game: MapleStory 2
Time: 2023-02-13
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As an indispensable part of many MMORPGs, PVP also has a place in MapleStory 2. I believe that many players will be eager to try after reaching level 50. Today, we will introduce the PVP skill addition and operation methods of Heavy Gunner. Here, Thanks for U4GM Maplestory 2 Mesos Team Give me some useful suggestions.

Before the introduction of the point and operation method, the player needs to know that the level of the equipment and the level of reinforcement are closely related to the output and defense of the player in the battlefield without considering the balance of the current professional version. Therefore, the equipment with higher reinforcement can also be used. Provides higher skill damage and operational fault tolerance.

Gatling Fire: Sweep the enemy in front, press and hold to release three attacks, each time consuming five energy.
Recommended reason: Gatling Fire as a Heavy GunnerPVE station output technology, but also has a place in PVP, the main role is to shift, energy supplement, waiting for other output and control Skill CD time to supplement the battle damage, while able to play enough When you are hurting, you can use the displacement +Gatling Fire to kill the damage.

Magnetic Bomb: Launches the Magnetic Bomb to the front, producing an explosion ring that attracts the first hit enemy within a radius of 3 meters, causing damage to the target while reducing its movement speed.
Recommended reason: Magnetic Bomb is a very strong control skill in heavy gun PVP. In most cases, if you can accurately hit your opponent, you can immediately cooperate with Stun Grenades, M-Bomb, Homing Missiles+RPG (Rocket Launcher) to make a wave of super high. Damage, of course, this skill hit needs to predict the opponent's position largely. The correct hit is difficult, so the Skill damage is not high. Under the premise of not being easy to hit, it is not recommended to waste too many Skill points on this skill. The 1 point control is enough for the players to use.

Rocket Launcher: Launches a rocket at 9 meters ahead, causing damage and causing sustained damage from the area of ignition after the explosion.
Recommended reason: RPG as one of the optional skills of Heavy Gunner PVE, its small displacement effect can also give the heavy artillery this career in PVP provides a good continuous shooting environment. Usually, after the Jet Boots is released in the PVP, the Stun Grenades stun is used to force the Stun Grenades to output or recover energy when being used by the enemy. You can also use the RPG as an output to cooperate with the Magnetic Bomb. Skills such as M-Bomb hit high damage.

Homing Missiles: Fires 5 Homing Missiles to enemies within 9 meters, causing a certain amount of Fire damage.
Recommended reason: Homing Missiles can do a lot of damage in PVE, and can cross the topographic map and guide effect to make the skill occupy the dominant position in Heavy GunnerPVP. The only disadvantage of Skill is that its ballistic speed is slow, it is easy to hurt when fighting Because the damage is too slow, it is terminated by the other party. Aside from the only shortcomings of Skill, the Skill is a magical skill in the arena, such as becoming a target for stealth, a continuous damage skill against Priest, and good damage in other remote pairs. It is mentioned that the skill is more scattered in the PVE stage, sometimes the output effect is not ideal, but in the case of the usual 1v1 battle, the damage of the 5 missiles is very impressive, and when there is no gap between the two equipment strengths, it can be played 3 A second hit ensures a great battlefield advantage.

M-Bomb: Drop the missile at 7.5 meters (long distance) directly in front of the character, causing two high-range and large-scale fire damage.
Recommended reason: M-Bomb as the PVE gunner's highest range of output skills at the same time, in PVE, also has a very good suppression position, with an extensive range of strikes, the release of the right premise, can cause 2 highs for any occupation Injury (for the Cavaliers to pay attention to its invincible version). Once the same as the next hit, will give yourself a small amount of blood, and then with the Stun Grenades, Magnetic Bomb connection in the distance, the tug of war has Very powerful output and unexpected hitting effect, of course, its long cooling time allows the player to use up to 1-2 times of skill in each round, so predict the opponent's position in advance and reasonably grasp the timing of the skill release. It is especially important.

Advanced Missiles: Passive Skill, which enhances the Skill damage of Rocket Launcher, Homing Missiles, and M-Bomb.
Recommended reason: Passively enhance the three major PVP outbreaks, and there is no harm in Baiyi.

Stun Grenades: Throw 2 Stun Grenades (about 45 degrees from the 45-degree angle) to the front of the character. After 0.5 seconds, the explosion caused damage and dizziness.
Recommended reason: After 10th level, it has up to 91% stun effect and good damage value (basically 100% stun rate), and it can also be used for card terrain, perfect for strong control solution skill, largely Heavy Gunner The output skill relies on the proper Stun Grenades control to exert the maximum output blow effect. Stun Grenades can attack, retreat and defend, and the displacement under pressure throws Stun Grenades, control the opponent to play first hand, or force the opponent to follow up and throw thunder control after movement. Counterattack, the rational use of Stun Grenades to become the key to the PVP big artillery victory.

How to use Skill
General Mothed 1 - Outbreak output: electromagnetic missile + M-Bomb + Homing Missiles + RPG + displacement (retraction) + SP technology (ammunition supply) back to full energy + Stun Grenades (to prevent the other side close). Remarks: Even the move one directly hits the pre-emptive strike through the opening of the opponent. The only requirement is to predict whether the opponent will be close or move according to the opponent's occupation in advance, and the pre-judgment can accurately determine the victory.

General Mothed 2 - Suppressed output: Displacement + Stun Grenades + RPG + M - Bomb + Homing Missiles + Displacement (retraction) + SP + Stun Grenades. Remarks: Even the move 2 relies on a strong pressure, Stun Grenades close to the stunner after the other side through the RPG displacement to connect two bursts of technology to hit a high amount of damage immediately after the withdrawal distance and after the recovery of energy control self-protection. Usually this The continuous move method has a miraculous effect on the remote (Wizard, Archer, standard fly, gunner civil war), and it is the best defense when the operation is correct, and the opponent may be forced to surrender in advance and disrupt the rhythm of the opponent.

General Mothed 3 - Consumption output: Stun Grenades+Electromagnetic (released in different directions) suppresses the opponent's position, connects M-Bomb+Homing Missiles, uses displacement to move position, pulls far distance, relies on Homing Missiles output, and consumes 3-4 repeatedly The second time (with the same installation) can end the battle.
Remarks: Stun Grenades and Homing Missiles can be released across the terrain. Individual maps are very unsolvable. Even the three core ideas are to prevent opponents from being close. They rely mainly on Homing Missiles for tracking damage, consuming output, stabilizing and killing opponents.

Skill add points

MapleStory 2 Heavy Gunner PVP skill add point and method

Let's explain the recommended Skills (SP technology is one of the most basic and essential skills of heavy artillery. If the player is not skilled, it is not recommended to use heavy artillery for PVP).

PVP operation methods for different occupations:
Knight: Knight has four spurs. It's effortless to make five spurs when the CD is paired and used reasonably. This forces Heavy Gunner, a two-segment remote output career that is easy to be close to, and Knight's Shield. Wall and Tornado Slash, Shield Booster and other damage reduction and control skills make it difficult for gunners to take advantage of Knight's battles. Battle ideas: drag, fight a war, open distance, predict the opponent's position by reason, use Stun Grenades and Magnetic Bomb to control each other and then apply RPG and Homing Missiles to cause damage in the amount of money (strongly not recommended for a full set of output. Because Knight's damage reduction skill is too much, it is likely that the player will lose all his energy and be beaten to death due to the offensive output. Besides, you need to be aware that Stun Grenades is going to throw it backward, because 9 out of 10 Knights will protrude behind you, and the thunder throwing on the front is basically out of control. Playing against Knight is more difficult.

Berserker: Whether the game is successful or not depends on whether the player can successfully open the distance between the two sides and avoid the opponent's blood knife skill after stacking multiple layers of a buff. Battle ideas: Through the rational use of Stun Grenades, Homing Missiles two skills, around the overall idea of tug-of-war, check the other side buff and pay attention to Deep Wounds, you can beat Berserker.

Wizard: Wizard is generally used in PVP as the ice method or fire method. The overall difficulty of the battle lies in the fact that both sides can play a wave of high-injury to occupy the blood volume advantage. After the gap in the blood volume value, the outcome is divided. Battle ideas: Players are advised to use the tricky routine 2 to suppress the output. During the process, the Gatling FireSkill is used to suppress the opponent and make up the knife. Generally, after a successful set of trials, the team will also ensure that the skill will be secured. The advantages.

Priest: In general, Priest's Priest is a melee face. It relies on Nova and the cross to stick to each other to win. For Heavy Gunner, there are many ways to prevent the other side from being close to the brain. The advantage is great, keep steady, and the pressure is not good. Big. Battle ideas: Through the control of Skill Bomb+Stun Grenades, with Homing Missiles+M-Bomb to expend devastating damage, forcing the opponent not to be close to the victory.

Archer: Archer basically disappeared after the golden position. The gunner and the shooter are basically similar in the PVP. The person who can play more effective damage in a short time, who is the winner. Battle strategy: It is very feasible to rely on 1, 2, and three tactics to defeat the opponent. As long as the gap is not large and reasonable to avoid, the gunner has a good chance of winning.

Heavy Gunner: In the civil war, the gunners may encounter some other players who add some routines. The main idea of the opponent is still relying on more effective output to decide the victory. The idea of battle: the civil war is always the quasi-skill of the skill, who will win, usually recommend to suppress even the move, if the constant displacement in the civil war will be deadlocked in advance, and the player does not ensure that it can effectively hit the high-numbered hits. Under the premise, don't let the Skill go out at a time so that you lack energy, and reasonable retention of your remaining energy can ensure the unexpected situation in the battle to the greatest extent.

Thief: Thief is a melee class that outputs while jumping. It plays a lot with the players, but the overall idea is to chase the gunner. Battle ideas: Reasonable use of control skill to open distance and conduct a war of attrition. The displacement effect of RPG is also significant in the tug-of-war. It is important to remember to use it reasonably. Don't greedily output. Thief's frequent closeness loses it. There must be an absolute battle pressure, and the player's operational awareness is higher.

Assassin: Everyone's hot-selling standard flying, when the gap is too large, the players have no chance of winning, and the same is the same. The gunner has significant advantages. Battle ideas: When the standard flying against the gunners, most of them will choose to use the remote consumption or stealth to make a mid-range outburst. It is worth mentioning that the gunner's Homing Missiles is very restrained by the stealth skill of the standard flying, in the process of the regular flight, the players You can try to pass the 2-segment displacement (one step into one retreat), and connect the Homing Missiles to the brain without brain consumption. At the same time, you can use the displacement to jump off the upper and lower jumps to avoid the opponent's remote skill. The gunner control is far more than the opponent. Occupation, the pressure of confrontation is minimal.