High Output Maplestory 2 Archer PVP Depth Analysis

Game: MapleStory 2
Time: 2023-02-13
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Maplestory 2 Archer is not very strong in all professions. In the eyes of many people, it is the career of a BUFF. Although Archer is a T2 output professional in Dungeons, the bow in the PVP is a T1 career. PVP players know that Archer's control of Skill is frightening, and only Knight is more restrained from Archer. Next, let's get to the point, let's take a look at Archer's situation in PVP. Thanks for U4GM Maplestory 2 Mesos Team Offer me some useful suggestions.

Archer's main skills in PVP
1.Arrow Barrage: launch multiple arrows at the same time, causing 243% damage to enemies within 7 meters, knocking back 1.5 meters, and launching three attacks at a time with the button press. The first and second Arrow Barrage effects are the same. The third time, Arrow Barrage will shoot quickly after the flip, and each of the three attacks will cause 121% damage.
Skill Comments: Arrow Barrage is a magical skill in PVP, and is also the main output of Archer in PVP. Arrow Barrage has no flaws in PVP. Arrow Barrage can control the enemy to interrupt the opponent's skill, and its fan-shaped attack is more conducive to hit the enemy, while the damage is also sufficient.

2. Evasive Salvo: Jumping backward quickly, retreating 3 meters, and launching a large number of arrows three times forward at a distance of 2 meters, causing 15% damage to 5 enemies. Regardless of their crit hits, each of the three attacks has a 40% chance to launch with a crit.
Skill Comments: One of Archer's melee control skills, Evasive Salvo can interrupt enemy attacks and cause a lot of damage. After Evasive Salvo, you can use a spell such as a penetrating arrow or Arrow Barrage to consume one-third of your physical strength.

3.Ice Arrow: Launches three ice arrows at the same time, dealing 89% damage to enemies within 9 meters and reducing their movement speed and jumping power by 4% in 5 seconds. The ice arrow will penetrate the enemy four times, and it can attack the enemy behind it. The moving speed reduction effect can be superimposed up to 10 times. When the maximum overlap is reached, the body will be frozen entirely within 2 seconds.
Skill Comments: Ice Arrow is mainly to give the enemy a debuff to slow down.

4.Screwdriver Shot and Precision Shooter: These two skills are combined. If the damage is significant in a short time, you need to use the power to attack.
Skill Comments: Can shoot at enemies 12 meters away (the same as Priest's Angelic Ray), suitable for playing and playing with Evasive Salvo.

5.Eagle Claw: Give the Golden Eagle to fly to the enemy at a terrible speed, inflicting 463% damage to enemies within 9 meters ahead, the eagle's claws will cause trauma, causing 90% per second in 6 seconds. Extra Damage and reduced movement speed by 45% and jump power by 45%. It can only be used in the state of summoning the eagle, and the eagle disappears after the launch.
Skill Comments: This Skill is suitable for veterans. When the crit is triggered, Golden Eagle can use this skill. The skill of this skill is very strong and can significantly inhibit the enemy's ability to move. But this skill has a release time, and unlike Priest's Shield of the Archon, there is no release time.

6.Arrow Storm: Shoot the diffused dart into the sky, falling like a raindrop, inflicting 39% damage to enemies within 4.5 meters. It can be used for a power attack and will be shot in the distance after the power attack.
Skill Comments: MapleStory 1 also has an Arrow Storm, but MapleStory 1's Arrow Storm is used as the primary output skill, and MapleStory 2's Arrow Storm's most significant use is to control the enemy, that is, to interrupt the enemy skill.

Not suitable for Skills used in PVP
1.Rapid Shot: The station output, if you use this skill, will significantly reduce the output environment.
2.Bow Swing: This skill is melee output, and Archer's displacement is special. Archer is only suitable for melee attacks in a short time, so the chance of Bow Swing release is very small.
3.Sharp Eyes: Add a BUFF skill to the team and play a small role in PVP.

Archer PVP Skill Builds

High Output Maplestory 2 Archer PVP Depth Analysis

The extra skill points in the picture below can be added to all kinds of proficient and skill. Skilled Skills are Conditioning, Precision Shooter, Agile Archer, etc.
Skills that must be filled in PVP are Arrow Barrage and Evasive Salvo.

Archer PVP equipment attribute selection
The preferred property of PVP is the attack speed so that you can attack the opponent first, which is the most important for the control career attack speed. Second, the anti-wear attribute is the second choice, and defensive penetration can increase damage.

Archer's output method in PVP
Archer's output on the PVP battlefield is relatively simple. Since the main output skill has a skill that interrupts the enemy, once the enemy is controlled, a set of skills can be released. When the enemy is close to himself, you can always use Arrow Barrage. It is difficult for others to use Skill (the skill can interrupt the enemy's skill), but after playing more, others will withdraw from your attack range.
When the melee class approaches you, give the enemy an Evasive Salvo and knock back the enemy (interrupt the enemy skill) and back 3 meters, which is good for keeping a distance from the opponent, then you can use the Screwdriver Shot or continue to use the Arrow Barrage.
When chasing the enemy, you should carefully consider using the Eagle Glide (not continuous release), because after using the long distance displacement, your own retreat will be less. Archer's control of Skill is horrifying, and it is Knight's career to restrain Archer because Knight has many skills to fight off and reduce defense.