Maplestory 2 Priest Output Skill Guides and Dungeons Tips

Game: MapleStory 2
Time: 2023-02-13
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It is well known that under the same conditions, Priest's output is the lowest among all occupations, so it is very unfavorable when playing new single Dungeons. There are two ways to output the Priest: melee output and remote output. The output is different under different conditions. Here is how to introduce Priest how to deal high damage in these five new single Dungeons.

Maplestory 2 Priest Output Skill Guides and Dungeons Tips

This Dungeon is mainly playing Britcher. Britcher has a high attack power in the late stage, so his attack cannot be underestimated. He often uses the outer ring and the inner ring to alternately attack, that is, the enemy station pile output. Therefore, this Dungeons is more difficult to play.

This Dungeon is mainly playing Condal. Condal played well in the early stage, but the most troublesome thing in the later period is the control skills of Condal. His control skills will make us waste a lot of time.

This Dungeon is mainly used to play various types of fire. This Dungeon is the most difficult to get SS scores in all Dungeons. The most important is the high output, so this is not friendly to Priest.

This Dungeons mainly plays Mason. Mason's Yujian attack has high damage and is easy to flash to other places. It will waste a lot of time when he runs to him.

This Dungeons mainly plays night dance. There are many skills in night dance. When the blood of the night dance reaches a certain level, the night dance will use the big skill, stun and aiming attack, which can make us directly scream.

Priest's output skills introduction

Celestial Light: Lowers the divine light on the enemy's head within 8 meters ahead, dealing a small amount of damage, and inflicting a very small amount of Holy damage to the enemies hit by the Holy Light every second for 6 seconds.
Skill Review: Celestial Light, mainly to create a continuous debuff for the enemy, this debuff to use the output of Holy Blast is high.


Holy Blast: Gives a sacred breath, dealing a lot of damage to enemies within 4 meters radius, and knocking the target back 0.5 meters. The light bursts and deals medium damage to enemies within 2 meters.
Skills Comments: Holy Blast is a melee output magic, the medium damage is half of a lot of damage. This skill is the main output skill when playing the five Dungeons. Because the leader has resistance to back, there is no knockback effect.


Holy Relic: Summons the God Holy Relic, dealing a lot of damage to enemies within 3 meters in 8 seconds, knocking back 1 meter and reducing its physical strength to 0.
Skill Review: One second Holy Relic's damage is equal to Holy Blast's damage, so Holy Relic is necessary. This skill belongs to the placement class skill, so after using this skill, other output skills can still be used, but this skill The additional effects of repelling and lowering the body force have no effect on the leader.


Scourging Wave: Releases the sacred breath within 7.5 meters ahead, causing a lot of damage to enemies in the range. When you press and hold the button, you can start continuously.
Skill Review: This is Priest's long-range attack skill. The damage is similar to Holy Blast (melee), but some Dungeons are not suitable for melee attacks, so use the skill Scourging Wave instead.


Sanctuary: Injecting a sacred breath into the ground, centering on yourself, forming a cross-shaped Sanctuary in 10 seconds, causing a lot of damage every second, while recovering your own blood.
Skill Review: This skill can treat yourself while causing heavy damage to the enemy. It is a good skill. You can temporarily take medicine without standing on the Sanctuary.


Angelic Ray: Launches a beam of light filled with the Holy Spirit to the front, causing massive damage to enemies within 12 meters.
Skill Review: This skill can damage a lot and is a skill worth adding.

Introduction to Priest's single Dungeons
1. The priest can only play Dungeons on his own. The priest is the most difficult job in all occupations to produce the high output, so Priest hit these singles and the equipment of Priest is very hard.
2. The priest is divided into melee and remote, using melee attack output is higher than remote output. But some singles are not suitable for melee attacks, so add skill points to the remote output.
3. It is a wrong choice to use the skill milk when playing a single person because the milk itself will waste the resources of its own output. This task should be given to the pet. It is not a waste of time for the pet to take the medicine, so don't take the milk. The skills have been added.
4. The priest does not have the ability to quickly vent blue, so don't save blue, enjoy the output, and also require Priest's attack speed to be high.
5. The priest does not return to the blue array, returning to the blue array is not a big benefit for the single person.
6. When the enemy is about to leave, don't use the placement skills. The main placement skills of Priest are Holy Relic and Sanctuary.

Priest beats the skills of a single person
Priest has 5 single-player options for 5 single players. One is to add melee and the other is to add points remotely.
[Skill add point]
The melee adds the point and the remote add point have added 1 point Smiting Aura. The main effect of Smiting Aura is the invincible state. When we use this skill, most of the leader's repelling skills can't knock us back. This skill requires a pre-judgment, and the pre-judgment is correct, and you can save a little time to output.

Priest means to increase output
The most straightforward way is to use high-strength weapons or high-quality weapons. If you only have a few outputs, then you can take medicine. If you can't take medicine, don't recommend it. Medicine can eat magician syrup, attack to strengthen the elixir, penguin BUFF, coagulation and strengthening syrup, extraordinarily concentrated syrup, energy syrup and so on.