MapleStory 2 Thief PVP Add Points and Skill Analysis

Game: MapleStory 2
Time: 2023-02-13
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Ms 2 Thief as a professional melee injury and complicated operation, so many Thiefs do not insist on going on, but there are still some Maplestory 2 Players sticking to their beliefs, continually researching and developing Thief's gameplay, so today we will talk about it. Thipoint's Add Points and ideas used in PVP. Here, Thanks for Our Maplestory 2 Mesos Production Jeck yang, gave me some supports

There are two main output means for this Add Points:

MapleStory 2 Thief PVP Add Points and Skill Analysis

1. Simple and straightforward Poison, relying on the superimposed attributes to match the despicable state of the flail and then rely on the full-scale Surprise Attack to make an explosion;
2. Mind Stealer, using the high-explosion of melee Poison and the displacement effect of Mind Stealer, we can always stick the enemy output to achieve the killing effect.

Next, we will analyze each skill one by one.
Spirit Thief: Actually, it is a skill to improve the energy recovery ability of the self. It is also because of its existence that the Thief will have a more accurate output and higher damage when attacking. This is the gap between most old Thief and New Thief. Where.

Mind Stealer: Some Maplestory 2 Player only understands it as a native displacement skill (think of the same displacement as other professions). In fact, Mind Stealer only needs the Mind Breaker to become a perfect battle. skill. Here to do a test, the same target 2 points Mind Breaker only less than 4000 damage, and the damage after 8 points can reach 12000 or so, in the face of such a cooling only 3 seconds, the output damage is good and no energy consumption Skills, what reason is not full?
Mind Stealer's displacement capability, coupled with the Quick Step skills, Thief's operational flexibility is unmatched by any profession. If Berserker's displacement is easier, then Thief's double displacement fits. The next operation can be described as a gorgeous enjoyment, as for the point of adding 1 point.

The reason why Thief's career makes Maplestory 2 Player feel unstable is that the main reason is the influence of the despicable state. Simply saying that despicableness is a state of strengthening skill damage. If you want to increase the damage, you must enter the despicable state more times, and there are two ways to trigger (they are the shackles and Cunning Tactics): although the former is not stable, the probability is relatively high after the point is full. In addition, as a normal attack method of Thief, it is the most used skill in normal situations, so the undisputed point is full; in contrast, Cunning Tactics, after launching the skill, can 100% enter the despicable and increase its moving speed and Energy, but its cooling time is up to 24 seconds at 1st level, and 15 seconds of cooling time at 8 points. Such an inefficient skill is a bit off in positioning for Thief, which requires high-speed smart output. It is. And in some cases we need its stability and speed of movement, so Cunning Tactics can be up to 1 point, there is no need for more.

Finally, let's talk about Poison Thief's main attack method. First, the venom skills of Poison Edge and Poison Vial are 6 points each. As a front-end skill of the Surprise Attack skill, when the venom is superimposed to a certain extent, the Surprise Attack skill is used to explode high venom damage and in a despicable state. The damage will be higher. Such a set of skills can be said to be simple, and strengthen all the skills in the whole process are level 6 or full level, remove a lot of unnecessary skills, simplify the output method, improve the output efficiency, so that there will be more time Leave us to avoid the damage during the battle.

Not only that, Somersault Kick, which can provide deceleration, also has some damage, which makes our Thief balance mobility, damage, and control, but here I choose to set Somersault Kick to level 7, for the simple reason. For a 40% slowdown.