Maplestory 2 Wizard PVP Deep Analysis

Game: MapleStory 2
Time: 2023-02-13
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Maplestory 2 Wizard has a place in not only Dungeons but also a strong position in PVP. Wizard's skills are cool, manipulating fire, ice, thunder and propertyless magic, which makes many Maplestory 2 Players fall in love with this profession. In the Maplestory 2, the Wizard has the properties of the Maplestory 1 Ice Thunder Wizard and the fire property of the Fire Wizard. Combining the characteristics of these two professions, the skills are more diverse. Next, let's get to the point, let's take a look at the situation of Magic Wizard in PVP. Now U4GM Maplestory 2 Editor Team shares with you Maplestory 2 Wizard PVP Deep Analysis. U4GM as an expert Maplestory 2 Mesos website, supplies protected, rapid and inexpensive Ms2 Mesos for you personally. 

Wizard's ability in PVP (out of 5 stars)
[Output level]: ★★★★
[Control ability level]: ★★★
[Output environment]: ★★★★★ (The displacement skill is completed immediately, and it can be displaced three times in a row when full of physical strength)
[attack type]: ranged attack, magic attack, fire ice mine attribute attack.

Wizard's main skills in PVP
Arcane Blast: 4.5 meters ahead, causing an energy burst. At the center of the eruption site, 431% damage is dealt with enemies within 3 meters and repels 1 meter. CD 6 seconds, no energy consumption.
Skills Comments: Can make the opponent suffer a lot of damage in the middle distance, and interrupt the skills, the hit rate is good.

Flame Wave: Sends a Flame Wave to the 8m forward area, inflicting 274% Fire damage to enemies in the range. The fire will spread to subjects suffering from Flame Wave, dealing 34% additional fire damage per second in 10 seconds. No CD, consume 25 energy.
Skill Review: It can cause a small amount of damage to the opponent at a long distance, and can cause a blood loss DEBUFF to the enemy. Since the skill is a fan attack, the hit rate is excellent. Disadvantages: unable to jump attack, and cast time is large.

Ice Spear (the main skill in PVP): Create an ice spear with an icy cold and throw the nearest enemy within 8 meters ahead. The ice spear concentrates the enemy and immediately shatters. The debris flies around, inflicting 2585% damage to the enemy of the enemy within a radius of 2.25 meters. At the same time, the cold makes the enemy's body stiff and reduces the movement speed by 10% in 3 seconds. Ice Spear's chill can stack up to 6 times, and the enemy that reaches the maximum overlap will freeze completely within 1 second. No CD, consume 20 energy.
Skill Review: The hit rate is good, and it can reduce the enemy's moving speed, and the casting time is small.

Thunderbolt: Generates powerful lightning, dealing 953% of lightning damage to nearby enemies within 8 meters. Lightning that collides with the enemy will eject eight times to other enemies within 5 meters, inflicting 953% of Lightning damage. Lightning can't cause damage to the same object continuously, but it can cause damage after being attached to other objects. CD 16 seconds, consuming 40 energy.
Skill Review: Instantly can cause a lot of damage is the characteristic of this skill. Generally speaking, when the enemy blood is not available, melee can kill the enemy with a Thunderbolt. This skill is suitable for melee, the melee hit rate is very high, and the long-range hit in general.

Magic Armor: Survival in 10 seconds absorbs 24% of your own life's magical protective film. Does not apply at the same time as other protective film effects. CD 45 seconds, no energy consumption.
Skills Review: The magical skills in PVP. Among all the professional protection shields, Magic Armor is the strongest shield of PVP's general ability. The invincible maneuver of the Cavaliers is 0; the time of the Wizard's shield is short, only 3 seconds.

Flame Tornado: Forms a huge flame vortex at a position 4.5 meters ahead, with a vortex for 1.5 seconds, inflicting 136% Fire damage to each of the eight enemies within 3 meters every 0.3 sec.
Skills Comments: Flame Tornado can interrupt enemy skills, is a good skill, but the release time is longer, vulnerable to enemy attacks.

Not Use in PvP Skill
1. Phantom Claw: Similar to normal attack, the output is low, but it is not consuming. In the PVP battlefield, the time is compact, and there is rarely enough energy. Therefore, this skill is not recommended.
2.Ice Storm: Although Ice Storm damage is high, the hit rate is bottom, the opponent is very easy to escape this skill, can be used in multi-person PVP, such as PVP game of 05 points and 35 points, and later A guild war that may be open.
3.Chain Lightning: Unusable skill, the output is low, and it is very blue. It takes five consecutive attacks to be high. This skill relies on the station pile output.
4.Focus Seal: It is not easy to release when opening. It is not recommended to add this skill.
5.Mana Claw: It is necessary to stand up to output high, and PVP is to rely on flexible walking to survive, so this skill is not recommended.

Wizard PVP Points adds


Maplestory 2 Wizard PVP Deep Analysis

The extra skill points in the picture below can be added to all kinds of proficiency. Proficient skills are Cryomancy, Elemental Master, Electromancy, Pyromancy.
The skills that must be filled in PVP are Arcane Blast, Ice Spear, Magic Armor, and Thunderbolt.

Wizard PVP equipment selection
In PVP, there is only a small bonus to the high strength of the weapon. At present, PVP is further adjusting the balance so that the weapon can pick a hand. Jewelry chooses the speed of attack so that it is good for your skill release, you can attack the opponent first. Second, the anti-wear attribute is the second choice.

Wizard's output method in PVP
Wizard's output method in PVP is very flexible. When you want to escape immediately, you have to shift and escape. If you are in another profession, there will be a time in the middle of the displacement, and it will be easily interrupted during the displacement process (partial occupation), so Wizard's displacement skill is the most practical for all occupations.
The Wizard can also harden the enemy, the premise of the hard need to use Magic Armor. During Magic Armor, you can use your skills to hit enemies, but remember that you only have 24% blood and 10 seconds. If the enemy kills 24% of your blood in 10 seconds, the Magic Armor disappears.
When the enemy is close, you can give the opponent a Thunderbolt, and the close-up Thunderbolt has a high hit rate. At long distances, you can use Ice Spear (using this skill most of the time) and Flame Wave (a drop-out Debuff for the enemy). At mid-range, give the enemy an Arcane Blast, the opponent can be repelled and interrupted, then you can use the Flame Tornado and Thunderbolt skills. Flame Tornado has a small role to protect yourself. When you want to hide from the enemy, you can use Flame Tornado (can interrupt the skill).