Maplestory 2 Dungeon Lubelisk Guide

Game: MapleStory 2
Time: 2023-02-13
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Chaos Varrekant's skills are not much different from the team Dungeon, BOSS skills are no longer more to introduce. The Varrekant Dungeon is limited to 15 minutes. The intensity of the P1 Small Monsters and the control of P2 Copy are the main points of the Varrekant Dungeon. Therefore, this article will deal with Small Monsters and Sword Gas as the main explanation.

P1 stage
First, let's introduce the distribution of Small Monsters in the P1 stage.
Small Monsters will randomly refresh at various locations, and will remain there if you don't clean it up!
Caramoor appears: Spot12 x 2; Spot5 x 3; Spot7 x 3 
Kalta appears: Middle Spot x 4; Spot12 x 2; Spot6 x 3; 
Brant appears: Spot1, Spot3, Spot6, Spot11 in the air each x 1
Shadow Hunter: Spot3, Spot6, Spot9, Spot12 Random Number
Caramoor needs to be prioritized, otherwise, it will add defensive power to the rest of the Small Monsters! When the player is hit by the Small Monsters attack, the attack power is reduced by DEBUFF, the attack power in 10 seconds is reduced by 25%, and the maximum stack is 3 layers.

P1's Small Monsters are more densely distributed than Team Dungeon, but unlike Team Dungeon, Small Monsters no longer attaches additional physical/magic defenses, so the P1 phase is not as detailed as Team Dungeon, but Small Monsters If the cleanup is not timely, the Dungeon will be dragged down and the result will be defeated.
We need to pay special attention to the processing of 3,6 Small Monsters and [Caramoor]. Maplestory 2 Players can assign 3 fixed personnel at 3 Spot and 6 Spot according to the specific team configuration, and arrange at least 1 on this basis. People are obsessed with Small Monsters, the number of Small Monsters is 3 people, and the rest is handled by the nearest principle.

P2 stage
When Varrekant's blood volume reaches a certain value, it will enter the second layer of the Dungeon. There will be 1 platform at 1, 5, 7, and 11 points on the second floor. When Varrekant appears again, there will be a protective shield around the body and summon white. 2 red to Copy 5, 7 on two platforms, 7 points for white Copy, 5 points for red Copy, Copy's sword will make Varrekant sequelae so that it can not summon Small Monsters within 1 minute.

Varrekant's shield will provide him with 2 gain BUFFs, respectively
Increased defensive power: 70% reduction in all damage dealt by enemies
Increased attack power: increased attack power by 40%

P2 sword gas treatment
1, when the Small Monsters appeared, in addition to the rest of Knight players to quickly move to the 5,7 two platforms, control the blood volume of Copy.
2, Knight stays under the platform to pull Varrekant to 6 Spot, waiting for the red letter on the screen.
3. When Copy is about to use the Sword Skill, the screen will display a red font that must be red/white Copy attack Varrekant.
4. After the prompt appears, Knight will pull Varrekant to 6 Spot, and the players who are prompted to the platform are all concentrated on the steps of the platform to wait for the release of swordsmanship skills.
5, after the sword hits Varrekant, three players on the platform will clean up the Small Monsters back to the stage to attack Varrekant, and Priest will open the [Holy Symbol] skill.

At this stage, I am very keen on Knight's ability to pull monsters and the player's reaction ability on the platform. If there is any deviation, the whole team will lose 1 minute of output time, and the shield will always accompany Varrekant, and will continue to summon Copy! The control has become the top priority of the P2 team players!

Tip: The most central position of the P1 and P2 stages is changed to the same poisonous floor as the P1 6 point. Players on this floor will receive continuous damage, so Priest should pay special attention when releasing the skills in the Varrekan tP2 stage. The amount of blood in the middle player!

Maplestory 2 Dungeon Lubelisk Guide

P3 stage
1, Varrekant's basic skills and the appearance of Small Monsters and Team Dungeon are basically the same, but Varrekant will use skills to hollow out some floors when entering P3, so players should pay attention not to drop the platform.
2, P3 stage peripherals need 2 remote and Priest to clean Small Monsters, unlike Team Dungeon, the entrance 2 by 2 floor is surrounded by poison gas, you need to remotely in the middle of the middle and the poison floor in the middle of the mezzanine for Small Monsters processing.

3, Small Monsters must be dealt with in a timely manner, otherwise they will rush to the middle of the crazy, not only will increase the player's [attack power reduction] DEBUFF but also have a very large impact on the output environment of the intermediate attack Varrekant players.