Maplestory 2 Dungeons Abandoned Mine B4 Clearance Guide

Game: MapleStory 2
Time: 2023-02-13
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First of all, the Dungeon requires level 50, equipped with 1480 points. Facing New Maplestory 2 Players, you can participate in the Dungeon when you upgrade to level 50. You need a unique key to enter Abandoned Mine B4. Where does the key come from? You can get the old keys by playing all kinds of games: playing fishing, opening the golden treasure chest, playing the game, etc. You can get the key to the underground 1 floor or Abandoned Mine B4 by using the key identification. Although you can identify it 10 times a day, it is rewarded. Very generous, so there are very few Maplestory 2 Players that identify the Abandoned Mine B4 key. If you are lucky enough to identify the Abandoned Mine B4 key, it will be broadcast on the World System Channel! The abandoned Abandoned Mine B4 threshold is lower for any Players, then get the key. The Maplestory 2 Players can't wait to start off with Abandoned Mine B4. Let's take a look at the mysterious underground Abandoned Mine B4!

Possible Rewards:
Epic Bonus Re-roller (Armor)
Armor Attribute Lock Scroll
Epic Bonus Re-roller (Accessory)
Accessory Attribute Lock Scroll
Tier 2 Gemstone Box
Tier 1 Gemstone Box
Crystal Ore

After entering the Abandoned Mine B4Abandoned Mine B4, you need the Maplestory 2 Players with the key to open the door. As long as one of the teams has the key to pass the entire Dungeon, the entire Dungeon is a horizontal view, such as the Devil's Tree and the Toy City Clock Tower. The map capacity is also much larger than the Abandoned Mine B1 layer. The Maplestory 2 Players need to find the correct route between the channels, open the mechanism or knock out the stone blocks to find the correct route. The Dungeon not only relies on the naked eye to judge the correct route because There are many stone blocks that can be destroyed in the channel, which can be destroyed by using skills or general work. Each time you destroy a square, you can get 100 points.
Maplestory 2 Dungeons Abandoned Mine B4 Clearance Guide

After the official entry into Dungeon, there will be a sign of the route, indicating that four players are required to split the two roads. The left and right sides are respectively explored to the underground. The symbol will appear after the two divisions if the Maplestory 2 Players are not familiar with the road. Then you can continue to split the two ways, one person per line.

In the interlaced complex ramps, you need to pay attention to the airflow hole of the jet. The hole can spray a lot of gas and cause a lot of damage. It is also the most threatening to the Maplestory 2 Players. The ground thorns also need the attention of the Maplestory 2 Players. After going on, I lose blood every second; the iron hoe can smash to the floor, causing a lot of damage every time, and then avoiding the hammer under the arm, it can pass safely. It is recommended that the New Maplestory 2 Players wear the orange anti-red defense.

When there are any treasure chests between the ramps, Maplestory 2 Players are required to open them. Some treasure chests are not boxes and monsters disguised as boxes. Maplestory 2 Players will attack Maplestory 2 Players when they are about to open and will be given Maplestory 2 Mesos after being destroyed. Reward; the rock that appears in Dungeon also needs to be destroyed by the player. Breaking the square while earning points can also lead the player to move on. Only the bottom can open the door.

There are 4 organs on the left and right sides respectively, which need players to turn on in turn. After opening, the sound of Abandoned Mine B4 collapses. At this time, there will be two Abandoned Mine B1 elite monsters on the open space. The one-eyed monster will release the magical missile skill when attacking, and the higher damage skill will be tumbling. The New Maplestory 2 Players will be hit with a lot of damage; a pangolin monster, the beam released by the head can be hard and straight, and the damage is better than the one-eyed beast. The monster is lower, and after destroying the two monsters, you can continue to explore below.

If there are both Maplestory 2 Players on both sides, the pools on both sides will be evacuated, and the Maplestory 2 Players will drop the bottom to welcome the ultimate treasure chest leader.

The treasure chest leader is very low in fear, and the friends can easily complete the customs clearance after the treasure chest is easily removed. The Maplestory 2 Players with the key need to open the central treasure chest to complete the Dungeon reward.