Maplestory 2 Field BOSS Acreon Fighting Guides

Game: MapleStory 2
Time: 2023-02-13
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Acreon is the world's BOSS on Maplestory 2's Caracal Island. The BOSS produces Heavy Gunner and Archer's exclusive weapons: Acreon bow and Acreon artillery, as well as a variety of blue jewelry and decomposition equipment. Let me introduce you below.

BOSS is located on a small island on the left side of Lavender Island. There is a hill on the island and hills on both sides, and Acreon is lying on the flat in the island. After entering the battle, Acreon will release the electric string from the tail, then spread the electric ring to the surrounding area, which can cause a small amount of damage and add electric shock effect every second. The closer the damage is to the BOSS, the higher the damage, so try to stay away from the skill. BOSS, or use the flying mount to escape to the air as well.

Acreon's howling will repel the player and add a slowdown effect. This skill is the most frequently released skill of the BOSS. If you continue to be knocked down, the slowdown will greatly affect the output. The best way to deal with it is to stand in or behind Acreon's body. This skill can't hit the Islanders.

When the BOSS reaches a certain amount of blood, it will eject the water column from the mouth, and there will be a lot of water-filled squares under the feet. After these blocks are stepped on, 10-second blisters will be formed to keep the player inside and cannot move. If the BOSS happens at this time, If you have the skill to hit you, the dungeon will be broken and you can't limit the character. If the BOSS doesn't care for you, you can only stand in the dungeon for 10 seconds.

There is also a lightning skill that needs everyone's attention. Acreon releases the electric ball from the head to track nearby enemies. Every lightning strikes the ground and it will cause a lot of AOE damage. If the number of people nearby is very dense, it is very common. The response is to constantly shift or be a little far from the BOSS so that even if lightning strikes the player, it will not cause tons of damage.

When the output BOSS reaches a certain amount of blood, Acreon will also become unfair, jumping from the hillsides on both sides, releasing a set of skills and then jumping to the ground or jumping to the other side of the hillside, except for the loop above. In addition to the set of skills, Acreon is ready to release the roaring skill: knock the nearby enemy back three times. At this time, the player who goes to the high platform will be pushed down by the BOSS without paying attention. After the loop, he will jump to the other side of the platform, and then repeat it. Will jump to the ground. When the BOSS squats toward the other high platform and leans back, you can press the action button to hang on the BOSS, and it will be taken to the next position by the BOSS to continue to output the BOSS.

Maplestory 2 Field BOSS Acreon Fighting Guides

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